Video : Musvo spirit at the airport

Video : Musvo at airport. Blabbermouth saying "*African Science* " This Lady came from US to Ghana and divorced her husband after which she changed the titles of their properties to her name. And when she was returning to America, this is what happened to her in transit at Amsterdam Airport." I personally think idemon ramusvorologist ranga rabuda .Shame .   VIDEO

Musvorologist Eve Nyaungwa

Hi my name is Eve .Please contact me asap.

Zanupf thug Mike Gava gone

Images : Zanupf thug Mike Gava Dd5 : How are you sis vee Dd5 : Zanu thug Mike gava hakuchina Dd5 : Vakamboidya rutivi asi yazovadya zvayo Zimbabwe Sisi Vee: Hey ndaswera hangu maswerawo sei. Thank you so much. Good riddance . Ehe kaiita nyoro too kafa kaona kuti zanu haipedzi utachiwana better kaenda kekekekekeke Dd5: Kkkkkk Sisi Vee:...

Fortunate Pilime accused of spreading HIV knowingly

  " I guess she can also do a video like Felistas Murata mai titi to curse me for helping Zimbabweans" Said sisi Vee. Hie sisi vee i am sending you a pic of a certain lady in cyprus her name is fortunate pilime she is studying nursing pa cyprus international university in niccosia. This lady is hiv positive and is...

Video : Doing musvo on tree

Doing musvo on tree VIDEO

Video : Performing musvorologist

Come dance with me   VIDEO  

Musvorologist Bridget Matezwa

I am Bridget Matezwa.I am a gold digger.Please contact editor for my number.  

Video : Mandla Calvin Gumbo perverting

The women abuser who recently went nude live VIDEO