Video : The witch



Video: Musvorologist parading herself

Parading selfĂ  VIDEO

Video : As habitual deliberate liar Zimeye Simbarashe Chikanza lies about Apostle Chiwenga abduction

  "Kekekekeke seka hako wasu .Hadzina kutokwana dzaSimba uyu.Atori nepsychological problem chaiyo. He spits flames of lies deliberately. That's how he gets readers...through deliberate lies. Someone inboxed me saying he saw Zimeye saying Apostle Chiwenga has been abducted and I knew straight away that it's lies. Simba will tell you that he spoke to so and so on the phone...

Video : Woman gives birth to chicken

In Chimanimani a woman is said to have given birth to a chicken.   VIDEO

Video : Should be a naked witch

Looks like she was flying and landed there VIDEO

Video : The naked witch

Caught red handed   VIDEO

Image : Stuck on tree

Shame .The boy was stuck struggling inside as efforts to rescue him were proving to be fruitless.  

Video : Tilda Moyo and the man with a folded penis

About two weeks ago the man with a folded penis is said to have been sorted by a madzibaba Steven after he cheated his wife.So he appeared with Tilda in Star FM studios to show his folded penis.Meanwhile Tilda has been accused of faking miracles with prophets. Beee17 : hesi tete makadii . Nyaya yaTilda ifake yoga yoga ....

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