Video : Sex , drugs and prostitution

Sex , drugs and prostitution VIDEO

Video : This is our culture and proud of it

This is our culture VIDEO

Image : Doing musvo using paperbag condom

Image : Doing musvo using paperbag as condom

Video : Disgraced Zanupf Chihuri in Malawi elections rigging scam

  " Kunyadzisa kwazvo kuita mbiri yetsvina pese petasvika and we never learn. I bet only 10% of Zimbabwesns still have a conscience. " Said sisi Vee Chilima claims Zimbabwe’s Chihuri in Malawi to help DPP rig elections May 19, 2019 UTM Party presidential candidate  Saulos Chilima has alleged that there is a Zimbabwean national Augustine Chihuri who is in the county to...

Video :Walking the street musvo

Looks like he was sorted VIDEO

Video : Musvo in supermarket


Video : Mubobobo man

Weird stuff in trousers VIDEO  

Video : Man in trouble over musvo with donkey

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Doing musvo with teddy bear

This weird world  

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