Video : Man in trouble over musvo with donkey

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Doing musvo with teddy bear

This weird world  

Video : Farting man bewitched after rape

  Man said to have raped a witch doctor's daughter. " A spell has been cast on him he now farts so violently that it tears his anus bit by bit"   VIDEO

Vdeo : Masturbating man fixed by ex wife

  Gr9 Newa02 : Sissy the video of the guy masturbating. This guy akasotwa nemukadzi. Ane vana five and it seems he was refusing paternity. Saka hanzi hauchafa wakakwira mukadzi. Kukwira kwake kubonyora. Akatunda after every five minutes blambi yomira and the cycle goes on and on Hanzi anopomba brain kuimajina otunda after masturbating Nyika iyi yaipa sissy. Hazvisi zvekungonyenga nyenga....

Video : Viagra guy manhood not sleeping

This guy has been hospitalised after taking viagra. His manhood is refusing to sleep. VIDEO

Video : Strolling musvo broad daylight VIDEO    

Video : Doing musvo on tree

Doing musvo on tree VIDEO

Video : The musvo witch at graveyard

Caught witching   VIDEO

Video: Doing musvo on statue


Video :Musvo woman in the thick of it

Said to have been sorted after snatching someone's husband VIDEO

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