Video: Doing musvo on statue


Video :Musvo woman in the thick of it

Said to have been sorted after snatching someone's husband VIDEO

Video : Man raping car


Bees arrest Uganda thief

Said to be Masindi town in Uganda. A man stole woofers and the bees were sent to arrest him. He is seen returning them accompanied by the bees .A few weeks ago another thieving man was seen in a video covered by bees on his hand.  

Video : Bees manhandle alleged car thief

Said to be from Uganda .Blabbermouth saying the man stole a car and was bewitched by the owner of the car. The bees don't sting him but remain on his body day and night. Learn to ask if you need help.Many genuine people are toiling day and night to buy the cars and you just come and steal .Really heartless...

Video: Fights in Uganda parliament

  Fighting broke out in Uganda's parliament for a second day between lawmakers pushing for a change in laws to remove age limits for presidential candidates and those opposing it, a Reuters witness said. The Reuters journalist who was present in parliament said he saw microphone stands being used as weapons, and at least two female lawmakers being carried out after...

Video : Musvo woman cleansing man

Kekekekekekeke seka hako wasu  

Video and images : Tanzania woman zombie story

WATCH THE VIDEO Version 1 Veduwee mainzwawo yemurume akaisa sister vake vaanoteedzana naye museptic tank . Zvainzi sister vake vakafa last 4years achibva angoita mari from nowhere. Zvazobuda pachena maid wemurume uyu aishamisika everyday murume uyu aidongorera museptic tank makuseni seni . Nezuro boss vabva pamba musikana webasa akanodongorera kuona sister wemukomana varimo ndokuridza mhere . Mapurisa kwakuzomuburitsa parizvino mupenyu asi...

Man grows four penises

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