Videos : Naked Hekima Namarifa claims he is Jesus

Northcliff Jesus - family of naked woman found her but she's not 'entirely okay' 3 February 2020, 1:55PM Botho Molosankwe Tumelo Moabelo and Hekima Namarifa who were seen walking naked around Blairgowrie. Picture: @Its_Kamo_ Twitter. Johannesburg - The family of the lady seen in a video walking naked with a man who's also in the nude and calling himself Jesus have confirmed that...

Video : Said to have sexed married woman

Zvakaoma VIDEO

Video : Snake prevents efforts to separate stuck couple

Said to be stuck doing musvo and snake preventing efforts to separate the two : Kubangotaura . It's only 5 minutes " When you thought you have seen it all only to realise you aint seen nothing yet. Fungai musati mapinda akomana .There's no need to go through this horror because of musvo 🙄🙄 .When you see a woman always...

Video : Whatever is going on with musvo woman

So sad .Zvinosiririsa. Could have been stealing or so called muroyi. VIDEO  

Video :Man bragging neabnormal testicles

So sad VIDEO

Video: Man masturbating in public

uuummm so sad VIDEO

Video : Got stuck doing musvo

This weird world . VIDEO

Musvo dispenser. Wasted talent

Musvo dispenser VIDEO

Video :Couple stuck doing musvo

Weird. Stuck doing musvo VIDEO  

Video : Fake buttocks female facing it

Kekekekekekeke seka hako wasu

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