Video : Truth at the funeral

Kekekekekeke seka hako wasu. Hazi wafa wanaka kunakei chacho really dumb thinking.Well done my brother from another father. My father used to say such truth too at funerals and I am exactly like him.These liars at funerals really annoy me. Thank you so much hanzvadzi for saying the truth as it is. Vakajaira kungonyepa pamarufu apa in church uniform.Say...

Video : Man in trouble over musvo with donkey

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Video :Driving doing musvo with object

What a nutter VIDEO

Doing musvo with teddy bear

This weird world  

Video : Faeces sandwich

Zvinosiririsa VIDEO

Video : The witch

Looking like staged VIDEO

Video : Lucia Ruzvidzo and the snake

Snake video, audio and images Said to be Lucia Ruzvidzo with a snake in video. Said to de doing satanism VIDEO

Video : Farting man bewitched after rape

  Man said to have raped a witch doctor's daughter. " A spell has been cast on him he now farts so violently that it tears his anus bit by bit"   VIDEO

Video: Musvorologist parading herself

Parading selfĂ  VIDEO

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