Video : Disgraced Zanupf Chihuri in Malawi elections rigging scam

  " Kunyadzisa kwazvo kuita mbiri yetsvina pese petasvika and we never learn. I bet only 10% of Zimbabwesns still have a conscience. " Said sisi Vee Chilima claims Zimbabwe’s Chihuri in Malawi to help DPP rig elections May 19, 2019 UTM Party presidential candidate  Saulos Chilima has alleged that there is a Zimbabwean national Augustine Chihuri who is in the county to...

Video :Walking the street musvo

Looks like he was sorted VIDEO

Video : Wasu roasting family relish

Kubvura baboon for eating. Even kukara nyama kwacho . Anawasu anomboita zvimwe zvimabehaviour zviri very weird. Munotsverudza zvekuti baba namai kutomirira kuhya gudo. VIDEO

Video : Doing toto in shop

Doing toto relieving herself VIDEO

Video : Musvo with display woman

            It never ends

Video : Man oozing honye after sexing friend’s wife

Man oozing honye at n'anga after doing musvo with friend's wife. VIDEO

Video : Musvo in supermarket


Video : Mubobobo man

Weird stuff in trousers VIDEO  

Video : Truth at the funeral

Kekekekekeke seka hako wasu. Hazi wafa wanaka kunakei chacho really dumb thinking.Well done my brother from another father. My father used to say such truth too at funerals and I am exactly like him.These liars at funerals really annoy me. Thank you so much hanzvadzi for saying the truth as it is. Vakajaira kungonyepa pamarufu apa in church uniform.Say...

Video : Man in trouble over musvo with donkey

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