Video :Doing musvo upstairs

Curtains wide open VIDEO

Video : Musvo cake and adults

Musvo cake...and these are adults behaving like this . I wonder if our brains think about anything else. No wonder the world is infested with poverty. We dont use our brains to make 'our' lives better VIDEO

Videos : Demon infested Cookie at it again

  "Really sad. Shame. Mademon ari pana Cookie akatosimba zvekuti. Looks like ndiyo family of demons iri pana Tatenda Karigambe Tatellicious, Zuva Habane and Chiedza Tawuchira Mavangira ...only to mention a few. Cookie please feel free to request my picture and will gladly send you latest tione kana ukagona kundiroya " Said sisi Vee Gr4 Newa0a56: Inini I don't understand...

Video: Dancing in club

Heterosexual dancing in pub while another heterosexual applauds . Basa kundofunga zvemusvo no wonder so many heteros are dying of sexually transmitted diseases " Said sisi Vee VIDEO

Video :Cookie and husband blast her ex husband Garikai Shambira

Cookie at it with new husband cursing ex husband Garikai Shambira .The two have a child. VIDEO

Video : Cobra in hospital theatre

Said to be cobra at Harare hospital theatre, changing room. Zvakaoma. Zvakutoda Lucia Ruzvidzo izvi night nurse wenyoka VIDEO

Video : I want to be a stripper when I grow up

6 year old wants to be a stripper when she grows up. Imagine your child saying that and these are our future leaders... courtesy of musvorologists destroying our moral values and damaging children' brains and futures. We need to hit them harder ...these musvorologists inorder to save our children and societies from this moral decadence.They are really satanic these musvorologists...

Video : Musvo opener

Kusanyara vanhu vakuru. No wonder children are doing the same VIDEO    

Video : Teaching child to steal

What a mother

Video : Child hit by car

To musvozimbabwe "This happened today Eastgate Cnr 2nd .Asi hapasisina marobots anoshanda kani or it's the same old type of pedestrians vanoita mapitse nemota muroad. It's not only children who do that. I see many adults doing that too including my friend andakazoti one day uchaita mistake wodonha pamberi pemota. Uone chaanenge achimhanyira....just to cross the road kuti asvike to...

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