Video : Dhudhu musvo

Kekekekekeke VIDEO

Video : Dog runs away with woman pant

Kekekekekeke VIDEO

Video:  Fighting over maize meal yet Zimbabwe has black farmers and farms

  What a disgrace. This black race is just a curse 😡. All we know best is opening legs and zips doing musvo and not commercial farming. Give the farms back to white farmers if you want that nation to be the breadbasket of Africa...common sense. You are even too dumb to understand this truth.If white farmers get back to...

Video : Fighting over a man

😂😂 Should be over a man VIDEO

Video : Musvo dhudhu

Kekekekekekekeke VIDEO

Video : Fighting over a man

Kekekekekeke seka hako wasu...low lifers. VIDEO  

Video : Woman goes musvo celebrating Jesus birthday

  " Shame stereki . This is why I strongly believe women should not drink beer. Many of them undress and behave very badly when drunk and zvinonyadzisa zvekuti for a woman to do this. Children look up to us. Better murume to behave like this we just laugh and let it go. Imagine ana kuona mai achidai 😡. Even...

Video : The musvo Christmas present

Video and Image : The musvo Christmas present 🙄. Kunga Mandla Calvin Gumbo VIDEO

Video : Sewage waitress

Tsvina dzega dzega VIDEO

Video : Chidhakwa woman

I wish women could stop drinking beer. They become so vulnerable after doing so . Hapeno chimboitai but what I know is once this drunk any man can do musvo with you and you wake up hiv positive VIDEO

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