Video : Teaching child to steal

What a mother

Video : Child hit by car

To musvozimbabwe "This happened today Eastgate Cnr 2nd .Asi hapasisina marobots anoshanda kani or it's the same old type of pedestrians vanoita mapitse nemota muroad. It's not only children who do that. I see many adults doing that too including my friend andakazoti one day uchaita mistake wodonha pamberi pemota. Uone chaanenge achimhanyira....just to cross the road kuti asvike to...

Videos :Cookie

Zvakaoma.Kutozvipengerawo VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3   VIDEO 4

Video : Loose ones Zuva Habane and Cookie

Zveubenzi ndozviri kuitisa mbiri these days. Satan has taken over. VIDEO

Video :Musvorologist and fraudster Tatenda Karigambe Tatellicious and new man

  " Shame this is just more like ignorance ..... not knowing the kind of person she is. I doubt if he even made an effort to google her name . If he did and saw what is there and continued to kiss her then they are just birds of the same feather pelamborating at a closer proximity. One thing I...

Video : Big house bashes smalĺ house

Video : Baba Tee wife attacking small house. Kubangotaura kuti many of these men imbwa vanongoda musvo. Mai nhiya iwe marriage chingori chipaper you will find yourself behind bars charged with assault mwana akasara nembwa. Munoita basa rekuseka nekutuka the strong women vasina varume but daily ndiri kuona muchitambudzwa murimo so anofanira kusekwa ndiani ? Really sad what women have...

Video: Teacher plays wrong file in class

Sewage teacher plays wrong file in class ...plays musvo video VIDEO

Video : Man coiled by snake

  The reptile did not let go VIDEO

Video : Chinese man caught red handed

A Chinese man in the thick of it VIDEO

Video: Decomposing body in sewer

Zimbabweans are drinking the rotten water and still dont rise up. I0a3s : Body found in Sunningdale tanks in decomposition state vanhu vachingomwa mvura Sisi Vee: Zvakaoma idi I0a3s : Maqiq sis This country Sisi Vee: Surrender chaiyo. They take advantage of stupid citizens I0a3s : Stupid indeed That must be even an understatement Sisi Vee: Totally agree with you ...retards....

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