Video: Woman under attack


Video : The fights

Fighting VIDEO

Video : Amuhule


Video : The maize cob game

Zvakaoma VIDEO

Video : Buttocks out


Video : Soldiers putting chilli in woman’s vagina

This weird  world VIDEO VIDEO

Musvorologist photocopier Lorraine Guyo back at work: Employer Chipo Gwasira

Musvorologist Lorraine Guyo Ndinyengeiwo back at work in a photocopying and airtime shop Kekekekeke no wonder why . Otherwise Meikles wouldn't take the musvorologist back Gr9 Newa0ase : Murisey sister Lorraine taishanda naye Gr9 Newa0ase : Asi ange asiri employed ne Meikles .shop yavo irimu Meikles pa reception asi vazhinji havazvizive.Meikles ndoyakati hatichamuda mu complex medu Gr9 Newa0ase : Sister...

Video :Doing musvo upstairs

Curtains wide open VIDEO

Video : Musvo cake and adults

Musvo cake...and these are adults behaving like this . I wonder if our brains think about anything else. No wonder the world is infested with poverty. We dont use our brains to make 'our' lives better VIDEO

Videos : Demon infested Cookie at it again

  "Really sad. Shame. Mademon ari pana Cookie akatosimba zvekuti. Looks like ndiyo family of demons iri pana Tatenda Karigambe Tatellicious, Zuva Habane and Chiedza Tawuchira Mavangira ...only to mention a few. Cookie please feel free to request my picture and will gladly send you latest tione kana ukagona kundiroya " Said sisi Vee Gr4 Newa0a56: Inini I don't understand...

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