Video : Small house under attack

Should be small house under attack 🙄 Some womensoka. Shame stereki. It's either vari kuita makuhwa or they are fighting for men or kutukana over stupid things. When will women move beyond men diii akomana. Maybe Im abnormal but from a tender age ndanga ndisikamboiti desperate yazvoba ini zvearume no wonder I find it so weird kuona anhu achiambanira murume...

Video : Jambanja pahotera


Video : Caught red handed in bush

This weird world VIDEO

Video : Man bragging about doing musvo

It's a pity idi.'Our' men are just a disgrace. No wonder some women are trying Nigerians thinking they are better but chakangosiyana ma4 corner musoro.Murume mukuru kutoita video kutovhaira kuti ndasvira eish akomana.Some people stoop so low for sure.Sexing a woman is not an achievement buffon . Even imbwa inosvira...what a low lifer 🤢 VIDEO

Video : Maid stealing from madam

Madam at it on maid. Zvakaoma idi. Fundai kukumbira inga makazi kumbirai wani. VIDEO

Video: Dress up in street

As she walked VIDEO

Video : Cookie on her inlaws


Video: The dog walk

The dog walk

Video : Truth at funeral

Video : Truth at the funeral. Kekekekekeke seka hako wasu. Hazi wafa wanaka kunakei chacho really dumb thinking.Well done my brother from another father. My father used to say such truth too at funerals and I am exactly like him.These liars at funerals really annoy me. Thank you so much hanzvadzi for saying the truth as it is. Vakajaira...

Video : Said to be losing opposition president bragging

Losing presidential candidates bragging about enjoying state money in a luxurious hotel. "The idiot has supporters and wanted to be your president 😂Africasoka itori curse chaiyo As I always say the only thing that will change is the name of the president and the names of his or her cabinet....unless we change the way we think we black people.....The problem is mafungiro...

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