Ghanaian live in carer allegedly caught having sex with her sick client

Ghanaian girl caught allegedly having sex with her client while doing a live-in. The family became suspicious when their dad started giving her huge cheques to cash (£2k, £3k, £1k) so they put a secret surveillance camera and they saw the two in the act.  

Watch :Disgraced gays Godfrey Mudyiwa and Ethan Nathan in musvo video

The so called men in the musvo video are ;Godfrey Mudyiwa pictured with his wife is actually married but doing musvo with other men .The other man on his own  is known as Ethan Nathan ( Sam). They leaked the video in order to become famous.Ethan is said to be working at Spur Steak Ranches since 19 May 2014. WATCH...

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