Egypt probes images of naked couple atop pyramid

  Egyptian authorities have launched an investigation into images said to show a naked couple who scaled the Great Pyramid that has sparked outrage in the conservative Muslim country, an official said Tuesday. In a video titled "Climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza", Danish photographer Andreas Hvid appears to scale the 4,500-year-old tomb on the outskirts of Cairo at night with...

Go fund me : Nkomo

  " Really sad. Am confused kuti is he not the same man ainzi airepa vana vake .Am not sure though if life insurances would have covered suicide ...but all the same what we should be reading is his life insurance company said they dont cover suicide ...and not kukwata uku. £15 a month life insurance payout could have covered all...

Video : womaniser Brian Machekanyanga departed

HIV musvorologist and womaniser Brian Machekanyanga said to have commited suicide in Australia " All the ladies who had sex with Brian in the past 5 years are encouraged to go and get tested." Said a source. VIDEO

Videos : Fed up man shoots thief at South African mall

Police are investigating a fatal shooting after a man in Limpopo shot a criminal he saw running away with his bag. A dramatic chase on foot across a mall parking lot ended with a suspected thief being shot dead as he tried to leap into a getaway car in Polokwane. Video footage of the incident on Monday morning at Cycad Mall...

Video : Students car plunges into Wenimbi dam killing one

HRDV Sisi Vee 2: The dam accident As of now the only definite thing is at the end of it all there was death .This is why I believe in doing my own investigations. Ndinongoti cha cha cha evidence waya nyaya yatopera. 1. Maswera sei sisi Vee. This is Marondera accident paWenimbi dam kana makambonzwa nezvapo. MaStudents epaNyameni high anga...

Video : Mutare -Rusape bus accident that killed 50

  Video : The Mutare - Rusape accident said to have so far claimed the lives of 50 or so . " The government allows unlicenced , drunk, careless drivers to operate vehicles on our roads .Moreso they allow the use of unroadworthy vehicles on our roads. Sewage country. The safest solution is to avoid using public transport unnecessarily if you...

Video : Man attacked for sexing someone’s wife

Paying for sexing someone's wife VIDEO

Video : Said to be run over soldier in kombi fracas

HRDV Sisi Vee 2  : The soldier and kombi. Hapeno chimboitai. What I know is when driving if you encounter a hazard such as the soldier you think of the people you are carrying first then you stop and dont drive off but deal with the hazard. Izvozvi vamwe vacho mukombi vaitokurudzira driver to drive off. At times...

German tourist trampled by elephant in Victoria falls

The man is lucky to have survived with a broken leg and arm. He was shooting photos of the elephant which held him by its trunk and threw on the ground.  

Accident kills family

Said to be in Guruve. Tatenda Muchemwa (27), on way to pay lobola yesterday when the accident happened. Tatenda and his wife, Edina Ndaradzi (25), died on the spot." Images Accident : To musvozimbabwe Gr4 Newa24: Vanga vachienda kunoroora vabva kuDZ harare. Hariana farm near Mvurwi  

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