Fake : Tatenda Karigambe Tatellicious electricity off over bill

Musvorologist Tatenda Karigambe Tatelicious was desperate for swedish kr15 000 on Go Fund Me...got r245 ... and says the money for electricity bill is now enough. Am not sure though if bills in Sweden show pseudonyms or actual names or could be something fishy with the top part of the bill. Wherever the balance came from within 48 hours. Kekekekekeke seka...

Appeal : Missing in Tanzania since 2018: Zimbabwean Nelissa Chavava

  Fellow Zimbabweans , Tanzanians and all citizens of the world may you please help us locate Zimbabwean Nelissa Chavava . She went missing in 2015 in Tanzania and since then efforts to locate her have been unfruitful . A man called GILLES AMIN has her passport and it is unclear how he ended up with her passport . " Name: Nellisa...

Zimbabwe fake prophet Passion Java and his loot

.....and some people call this man a prophet and they attend his church and they continue to give the conartist their money VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2

Video : Musvorologist Mandla Calvin Gumbo cursing homosexuals.

  Stop abusing substances iwewe and sexually abusing women on facebook. The hate you harbour towards homosexuals is only further proof of how stupid you are mr chidhakwa. You dont even have the most basic knowledge that some people are naturally born homosexual and did not choose to be born that way in the same way you did not choose...

Video : UK woman thrown out by husband as ‘divorce’ goes sour

  VIDEO " Shame. Have no idea of what happened in their marriage or musvo relationship.At least have the decency to let her go in a dignified manner moreso in a foreign land .Vaidanana kana worambana wotoshaya kuti was it even so called love yakavabatanidza in the first place or they were joined by the love of musvo . Hapeno idi...

Video :Fuel crisis in Zimbabwe


Married SA female cop bribed for sex

Employee undressing for musvo

Images : Bath time

A reminds of the good old days in the village

Video : UK Nigerian woman drags white man like a pet. Police in the United Kingdom have arrested a Nigerian lady for turning a white man into her pet and dragging him on the ground like a dog with a chain tied to his neck. The incident which took place yesterday drew a lot of attention after police noticed the black...

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