Letter alleging that Theresa Manyowa is spreading HIV knowingly

A letter to the editor Dear Sir/ Madam I am writing this email to inform you about a girl I know to be spreading Hiv in the UK intentionally. Her name is Theresa Manyowa. She calls herself Teri-vee Man on her facebook page . My friend used to date this girl from 2008 when she was in Zimbabwe and they are...

SA based widow Mavis Chimwaza accused of spreading HIV knowingly

@ Sisi Vee " Hi Wasu.Pane vati ndikupei message iyi.Pane mukadzi arikuzadza Vanhu HIV muno muJoburg.Her name is Mavis Chimwaza.She is spreading it knowingly.She targets our husbands in church.She is a devil in a sheep skin. Anonyepera kunamata.Tibetsereiwo vanhu vapera kuzadzwa." Meanwhile a man who once dated Mavis has contacted sisi Vee to confirm that Mavis is for sure HIV...

Fortune Mapfunde accused of spreading HIV knowingly and snatching husbands

Fortune Mapfunde who is accused of going out with married men is also said to be spreading HIV knowingly .Writing to sisi Vee a source said, "Hy cc Vee pane mukadzi anonzi Fortune Mapfunde arikuita basa rekudanana nevarume vevanhu mucamp yeharare remand prison nekuparadzira hutachiona hwe hiv sisi ava vakadanana nemurume wemunhu anonzi Nicky kukwekwe kwaakatanga kushandira apinda basa rechi...

Sibongile Msipa accused of spreading HIV knowingly

A Zimbabwean in Cape Town,Sibongile Msipa has been accused of spreading HIV knowingly: Victim -------------------------------------------------- 27/02/2016, 6:53 pm - HIV Victim: Hie sisi Vio are you free ? 27/02/2016, 6:54 pm - HRDV: Hello love.Kuri sei.Am never free so lets talk 27/02/2016, 7:03pm -HIV Victim : Ok ndine nyaya yeumwe musikana handina kumbomunyenga but takangoita ma friends , from whatsapp grp chat ,...

Simba Kuuya gets two years for spreading HIV knowingly

A 32 year old man has been jailed for more than two years for infecting a woman whom he met online with HIV. Simba Kuuya had known about his condition for four years but kept it a secret from the woman and continued to have unprotected sex with her. The unnamed victim only discovered that Kuuya had the virus when their...

ZANUPF thug and private sex worker Nyarry Zinanga accused of spreading HIV knowingly

A ZANUPF  internet thug  and woman of the night Nyarry aka Nyari Zinanga is said to be spreading HIV knowingly .

Charlton Matibe has got in touch : Accused of spreading HIV knowingly

He is being accused of spreading HIV knowingly This is what he has said at the time of publishing the update  

UK based Charlton Matibe accused of spreading HIV knowingly

UK based married womaniser Charlton Matibe has been accused of spreading HIV knowingly.

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