Video : Our looted funds Chatunga Mugabe clubing

The Chatungas Mugabe having a good time enjoying the loot they stole from us.

Zanupf porn star William Gerald Lumumba appointed ministry spokesman

Finance minister Mthulisi Ncube has appointed porn star William Gerald Lumumba finance ministry spokesman "and to imagine that a professor gave the sewage that responsibility boggles the mind. What a learned fool the professor of doom is typical .Why any learned person would choose a pornstar to be the communicator only shows that the professor is as dumb as they...

Ex zanupf minister of health David Parirenyatwa arrested

Former Zanupf health and childcare minister, David Parirenyatwa, was arrested Thursday on allegations of criminal abuse of office.  

The mansion Betty Hazviperi Makoni allegedly built for self using Oxfam donor funds for sexually abused girls

GCN Betty Makoni Malborough Mansion and Oxfam Novib letter to GCN about cancelling aid due to donor funds abuse "This is the mansion that she built for herself using donor funds from NGO Oxfam Novib. A source shot the images. Betty was given the funding after applying achiti she was to build empowerment villages for sexually abused girls and she...

Video : Zanupf thug and thief Saviour Kasukuwere mansion

Video : A must watch .Kasukuwere mansion. "Do not dine and party with zanupf thugs and thieves whoever they are .The list includes Joyce Mujuru , Constantino Chiwenga, Emmerson Mnangagwa etc .We should be compiling what they have and where so that when the time comes we will shelter orphans and street children in the mansions or burn them in...

The wealth of the ZDF thieving boss Chiwenga arresting other zanupf thieves

*JUDGEMENT in the divorce case between Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander Constantine Chiwenga and his former wife Jocelyn has exposed the amount of wealth which the Chiwengas have acquired over years, underlined by impressive real estate in Harare’s affluent suburbs.* The zanupf army man Chiwenga who claims to be purging criminals who amassed wealth during Mugabe's rule also amassed the wealth...

Video : Chiyangwa denies arrest for second time

VIDEO: Chiyangwa says he was not arrested as published below ----- Police Arrest fleeing ZIFA boss Phillip Chiyangwa Zimbabwe Football Association chief Philip Chiyagwa has been arrested while attempting to sneak out of Zimbabwe with large sums of money. Chiyangwa was arrested with one of his workers Chamu Chiwanza Saturday evening. ZIFA spokesperson Xolisani Gwesela said he was not aware of Chiyangwa’s arrest but...

List of zanupf thugs fired by other zanupf thugs

Satan's house is burning    

Model Pauline Mapuvire accused of donor funds abuse as she claims concert raised $24

  Writing to sisi Vee ,a concened citizen claimed that after the fundraising Pauline took a vacation to Botswana . Pauline who told sisi Vee that the concert raised $24 refused to give sisi Vee the contacts for the parents whose children she was fundraising for with her team. Below is what she said, ----- Pauline Mapuvire: Halli hq e y, my namw...

Video : Fraudster Genius Kadungure showing off his loot

Ginimbi the fraudster there bragging about his car dzemari yekuba ...shame uone zvakaita nyika and some thief is busy bragging about cars ...these are the videos that white people see and they wonder how we think's either muri kushaina ngemboro or ngemotika ...what an idiot...?

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