Video: Husband bashes wife over small house

Domestic violence is real : Ofira kuzi Mrs. Help to stop it by leaving the relationship " Yuwiii Oh my God. At least respect mwana akomana asaone zvakadai. Murume wacho ane gotsi rinonga rembwa yezanu. Am sure this is not the first time the thug has pounced on her. Have no clue what she did but looks like a story...

Video : Ex UK hule under attack over married man

Wife mad at her VIDEO  

Video : Gonyeti driver wife musvo with boyfriend

Cheating with boyfriend VIDEO

Images: Gweru man commits suicide after musvo picture of cheating wife goes viral

  Gweru man commits suicide after nude picture of wife with another man goes viral "Kekekekekekeke seka hako wasu. Makuzviuraya manje. Ndizvo zvendinoti ngatimiseka izvi mbwende dzoti Sisi Vee muroyi. Kouyawo mahure anoti imi Sisi Vee siyai titumire arume eanhu musvo. Mukafumurwa moti hee ndaane stress nyika yaona musvo wangu. Iwe emotional abuse nestress you cause to the families hausi kuiona?...

How married Tawanda Gunja destroyed my marriage to Francisca ‘Mufandarabwa’

The agony of a cheated man : How married Tawanda Gunja destroyed my marriage to Francisca 'Mufandarabwa' "How are you sisi vee Please help me .I want to explain how Tawanda Gunja a married cheat went on to destroy my marriage to Francisca Mufandarambwa of 20 years.Tawanda Gunja who hails from Guruve and stays in Chitungwiza unit A.He started by...

Musvos: Wife in agony over Tari Chinyemba desperately seeks help

Wife seeks help as husband George Zaranyika deserts family for small house musvorologist Tarie Chinyemba Hurt is one of the many married women who approach sisi Vee for help after homewreckers destroy their marriages knowingly . Sisi Vee always stands up such heartbroken souls such that many Zimbabwean women in such kind of crisis now know who to turn to...

Video : Caught red handed cheating

Peeping Tom VIDEO

Eric Knight embarrasses me : Moira

  Moira, daughter to veteran broadcaster Eric Knight, says she is affected by her father’s shenanigans. The budding artiste expressed her dismay after her father’s illicit affairs leaked. She tweeted expressing her anger over her father who has been trending on social media over his adulterous behaviour. In an interview with H-Metro, Moira said: “It’s embarrassing what he did and this has been happening...

Video : Woman undresses over husband cheating

Woman goes bersek. Said to have heard that husband was at Avani hotel with smell house , followed, was denied entry and she went nuts. VIDEO

Eric Knight denies it’s him chatting with girl

Zanupf Eric Knight said to be chatting nethis woman and even sending her his musvo. He has denied it's him and claims it's photo shop. He has however said the phone number is his.What ever photoshop and how it was photoshoped. Kunyadzisa kwazvo.Kungoti mazanu haana nyadzi kekekekeke seka hako wasu. Why would anyone cook such lies about a zanu...

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