Cheating Stars

Cheating Stars

Video : Wife catches small house Millicent Rutendo Chandavengerwa

UZ student Millicent Rutendo Chandavengerwa set up ndiye dhuma dhuma with the wife of the man she's going out with and car taken. Whoever convinced women that varume ngevekungodya. I wonder what their women empowerment really means. VIDEO

Musvo video: Said to have been caught cheating

It never ends VIDEO

Video : Clobbered for sexing friend’s wife

Said to be man caught red handed sexing a friend's wife. In this day and age we need to be extra careful of our behaviours. You dont want to go viral for the wrong reasons do you? Whatever your sewage justification for sexing someone's wife is ....zvinourayisa . No need for reminders. Mweya yetsvina ere kuita as if akadzi...

Video : HIV positive paedophile minister Gigaba Malusi lies sex tape was to wife

Disgraced South Africa minister of home affairs Malusi Gigaba lying in video that he shot leaked sex tape for his wife .Gigaba shot the sex tape for a teenager who he pampered with cash and gifts and the parents of the girl are said to have leaked the sex tape. He thinks all of us are fools .  The...

Man speared for sexing someone’s wife

Gokwe man said to have been speared after he was caught red handed with someone's wife  

Video : Male pretenting to be prostitute stripped

It never ends   VIDEO

Video : Woman caught red handed

Looks like she was caught red handed with someone's partner VIDEO  

Video: Man getting the beating for sexing women relatives

Man who sexed married woman and wanted the aunt too VIDEO

Genius Kadungure Ginimbi and States flame

That should be the USA stripper said to have been going out with Ginimbi Genius Kadungure. Received the quoted on 29 May 2018 "Ginimbi imports Ciciamor American stripper to his Domboshava home" Kadungure recently fought with on and off long time girlfriend Zodwa. They could have been fighting because of that musvorologist etc To join group or send news etc please Whatsapp :...

Videos : Manica post Clayton Masekesa in mud over sex with married woman

Said to have "happened this afternoon 07 June in Mutare. The adulterer is a well known person in Mutare City, at one time working for the Manica Post newspaper, then later NewZiana"   VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3

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