Felistas Murata mai titi in spreading HIV knowingly shame

Naija News : 28/05/18. Zimbabwean HIV positive comedian Felistas Murata in Suicide Crisis after her ex- husband married a beautiful juicy young engineer . Zimbabwean Comedian known as “ Mai Tt” became suicidal after learning that her ex husband Tapiwa Mutikani married a Beautiful Juicy young Engineer. Jealous and envious “Mai Tt” went live on Facebook ranting and crying accusing her ex...

Fortunate Pilime accused of spreading HIV knowingly

  " I guess she can also do a video like Felistas Murata mai titi to curse me for helping Zimbabweans" Said sisi Vee. Hie sisi vee i am sending you a pic of a certain lady in cyprus her name is fortunate pilime she is studying nursing pa cyprus international university in niccosia. This lady is hiv positive and is...

Video : Caught red handed musvo

Kekekekekekeke iri nyaya yemusvo VIDEO  

Video : C aught doing musvo with married woman

Caught cheating with married woman.     VIDEO  

Bertha Chimutu murdered by ex husband Nhamo Mafundera

  *Sent to musvozimbabwe* "Hanzvadzi kwaitika mashura here in Norton Bertha Chimutu, vane family that runs Journey Man Bar in Norton kuma Barber paKatanga has been stabbed to death by her ex husband Nhamo this morning around Ngoni Service Station area achibva ku Karina ku jogging Ex husband ambotiza but abatwa akutopacker his bags kuda kudzokera kuSA apa he is married. Reason for the...

Video: Nigerian pastor caught red handed

Sewage pastor VIDEO

Video : Women abuser UK based Rutendo Marevangepo on rat poison suicide

  "Kekekekeke seka hako wasu.Majairaka zvekuZimbabwe zvekuabuser akadzi .In Western societies women abusers like you suffer the consequences kekekekekeke .Don't lie that the UK government 'favours' women.Their abuse laws don't favour anyone ...kekekekekeke even women who abuse men suffer the consequences of their actions. You are just used to abusing women zvekuAfrica kwenyu ikoko and get away with it .Kuno...

Jacqueline Ngarande bashes married boyfriend Wisdom Hodza’s wife

Jacqueline Ngarande seen in red car came face to face with Wisdom Hodza's wife.She is said to have physically attacked the wife of her boyfriend Wisdom.Jacqueline claims to be pregnant . VIDEO  

Zimbabwean visa conartists in China: Batsirai Obey Chikodze and fired ex Chitungwiza police officer Godknows Dutiro

Time to report them to the embassy and police: Zimbabwe conartists wrecking havoc in China and demanding sex These are their numbers +86 132 2175 9009 Collins +86 132 6054 4614 Godknows Dutiro +86 130 0710 5139 Batsirai Obey Chikodze Of Zimbabwean visa conartists in China: Batsirai Obey Chikodze and fired for corruption ex Chitungwiza police officer Godknows Dutiro "Zvakaoma. Mazimbabweans we never learn.Since 2009...

Video: Houston woman shoots guy in car on facebook live

  " I think it was planned and not accidental. Well if this was not planned which I doubt 99.9 % then I now understand the other meaning of stupid. I guess zvimatsotsi zvemuAmerica zve kudown town maybe were on a mission to shoot someone ane midzimu yakasimba " Said sisi Vee A disturbing video is circulating - which shows the...

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