Videos : Man shot in fracas involving zanupf pfeerorist and parking men

  Images and video : *Sent to musvozimbabwe* "Pane mu Cnumber apfuura change money izvezvi mutown Atofa. Cnr Kwame Na first Zvakaoma hanzi vanenge vanga vachiita operation yekubata ma change money pa Zimex mall. Sovanhu vaona anepfuti vakutanga kumumhanyisa vachimurova so for self defense abva apfuura one Apfuurwa wacho munhuwo zvake anotogeza Mota dzevanhu muparking angobatanidzirwawo. Apa 3 warning shots but varamba vachimurova vachimutema nematombo. You know how...

Video : Said to be the pfeerorist who shot the guy in Harare city centre

The police have not released his name and said to be 'hiding' his name because he is a pfeerorist.The pfeerorist was involved in a scarf fight at the intersection of first street and Kwame Nkrumah avenue.As the mob attacked him he fired a shot that hit a man who is said to have joined in the fracas. VIDEO  

Man murders wife for cheating

The man is said to have caught his wife ted handed with another man after which he axed her

Video : Man caught with man testicles

Said to be a Chimanimani man arrested with man testicles VIDEO

Video : South Africa Paedophile Nicholas Ninow who raped 6 year old girl

  *Sent to musvozimbabwe* "Meet Nicholas Ninow, a 21 year old Man, engaged to Carla Van der Merwe, since 21 October, 2017, who, last Saturday, the 22nd September 2018, raped a 6 year old girl at a Dros Restaurant, Watermeyer, in Silverton, Pretoria, South Africa. Cameras show Nicholas Ninow, stalking this little 6 year old girl, who had gone to the Restaurant...

Video : Male pretenting to be prostitute stripped

It never ends   VIDEO

Woman burnt musvo

Said to have been burnt by husband after she cheated  on him.

Ex zanupf minister of health David Parirenyatwa arrested

Former Zanupf health and childcare minister, David Parirenyatwa, was arrested Thursday on allegations of criminal abuse of office.  

The mansion Betty Hazviperi Makoni allegedly built for self using Oxfam donor funds for sexually abused girls

GCN Betty Makoni Malborough Mansion and Oxfam Novib letter to GCN about cancelling aid due to donor funds abuse "This is the mansion that she built for herself using donor funds from NGO Oxfam Novib. A source shot the images. Betty was given the funding after applying achiti she was to build empowerment villages for sexually abused girls and she...

Video : Woman caught red handed

Looks like she was caught red handed with someone's partner VIDEO  

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