Rutendo Loveness Saurombe in credit card theft

Rutendo Loveness Saurombe in credit card theft 2001 Woman charged with credit card theft From The Montgomery Bureau GATTHERSBURG A 23 year- old Gaithersburg woman charged with the theft of a credit card from a resident of the Manor Care Nursing Facility in Potomac remained in the Montgomery County Detention Center Wednesday in lieu ot bail police said Montgomery County police said...

Video : Humiliating shoplifter laughing at his musvo

"Behaving like baboons mukore uno .Why not just deal with the stealing in a decent manner. Behaving as if they are paid $60 an hour by the employer .The bigger thief is your employer paying you peanuts . Fellow Zimbabweans does anyone know the store where the shoplifting man is being humiliated by employees laughing at his penis. I strongly...

Video : Gun bragging zanupf thug Trevor Kudenga arrested

Zanupf thug Trevor Kudenga fired shot Have received news that gun trotting zanupf Trevor Kudenga has been arrested and detained at CID homicide Harare. The firearm has been said to have been recovered as well I doubt if the gun is licensed . Kekekekeke seka hako wasu we Zimbabweans are now very dumb. Recording own evidence commiting crime. Kunyepera kuziya ndiko...

Video : Knife wielding zanupf thug arrested

They have got him 😂😂😂😂 kekekekekeke I dont watch movies but if this brother of ours appears as the main actor in a horror movie I will watch .He's action packed for sure . Thank you so much for the great job police but release him please and get him over to a film academy 😂😂😂 VIDEO 1   VIDEO 2 longer

Married home office paedophile caught

He arranged to meet a 12 year old girl yet he was talking to undercovers..They never learn VIDEO

Genius Kadungure Ginimbi and States flame

That should be the USA stripper said to have been going out with Ginimbi Genius Kadungure. Received the quoted on 29 May 2018 "Ginimbi imports Ciciamor American stripper to his Domboshava home" Kadungure recently fought with on and off long time girlfriend Zodwa. They could have been fighting because of that musvorologist etc To join group or send news etc please Whatsapp :...

Videos : Manica post Clayton Masekesa in mud over sex with married woman

Said to have "happened this afternoon 07 June in Mutare. The adulterer is a well known person in Mutare City, at one time working for the Manica Post newspaper, then later NewZiana"   VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2 VIDEO 3

Felistas Murata mai titi in spreading HIV knowingly shame

Naija News : 28/05/18. Zimbabwean HIV positive comedian Felistas Murata in Suicide Crisis after her ex- husband married a beautiful juicy young engineer . Zimbabwean Comedian known as “ Mai Tt” became suicidal after learning that her ex husband Tapiwa Mutikani married a Beautiful Juicy young Engineer. Jealous and envious “Mai Tt” went live on Facebook ranting and crying accusing her ex...

Fortunate Pilime accused of spreading HIV knowingly

  " I guess she can also do a video like Felistas Murata mai titi to curse me for helping Zimbabweans" Said sisi Vee. Hie sisi vee i am sending you a pic of a certain lady in cyprus her name is fortunate pilime she is studying nursing pa cyprus international university in niccosia. This lady is hiv positive and is...

Video : Caught red handed musvo

Kekekekekekeke iri nyaya yemusvo VIDEO  

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