Small house Loma Mareesa ranting over new small house Vimbai

"This woman in video anonzi Loma Mareesa ari kuti ari kutorerwa murume nekamusikana kanonzi Vimbai Felly Madiye. The husband hanzi anonzi Abel Zvogbo. But manje digging deeper we have realised kuti this Loma woman atori small house and the wife of Abel once complained about her in 2016. Saka apa maSmall house ari kurwira murume wemunhu" Said a source to musvozimbabwe. VIDEO

Video : Dr Ambi feeling the dick

Dr Ambi kekekekekeke kuita as if jacket racho rakanamira The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association has come gun blazing against the Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Obadiah Moyo and his deputy Dr John Mangwiro for misleading Acting President  Constantino Chiwenga over the badges of the 550 suspended junior doctors and the procured medical supplies at Natpharm. Chiwenga flanked by Dr...

Anesu Mafokosho axes husband (Vitalis Mudhumo) over child christmas presents

Anesu Mafokosho axes hubby(Vitalis Mudhumo) to death . . . Xmas presents for child sparked the attack Homicide detectives in Mutare are looking for a Chikanga woman who disappeared soon after axing her husband to death following a domestic dispute on December 24. The chilling incident, which shocked many in the suburb, was sparked by gifts which the couple had bought...

Fraudster Sabena Ruwizhi who threatened to shoot her toddlers now threatens to kill Olinda

Psychotic fraudster UK based Zimbabwean Sabena Ruwizhi threatened to shoot her toddlers "Sabena said to be now threatening to kill Olinda Chapel Nkomo over £100 so I heard. Sabena is obviously psychologically deranged like that Cookie woman. Shame. Mweya yetsvina chaiyo.Why aroyi achiroya akadzi kunyanya and not arume? Could it be there are more female witches than male witches then...

Man caught with a human head after car accident

  The man caught with a human head....

Video : Wife catches small house Millicent Rutendo Chandavengerwa

UZ student Millicent Rutendo Chandavengerwa set up ndiye dhuma dhuma with the wife of the man she's going out with and car taken. Whoever convinced women that varume ngevekungodya. I wonder what their women empowerment really means. VIDEO

Zimbabwean paedophile wanted by police

HRDV Sisi Vee 2: Wanted by police : Fellow Zimbabweans Beware of the paedophile currently using this number +27 78 178 7376 Please help police to catch that man who is shooting videos of children and making DVDs for sale and raping . If anyone has SA police whatsapp number may you please whatsapp +26378 352 4049  so the video...

Said to be Tafadzwa Shonhiwa spreading deadly disease

Unverified . Said to Tafadzwa Shonhiwa spreading disease knowingly

Musvo video: Said to have been caught cheating

It never ends VIDEO

Video : UK woman mad at bogus shipper over £4000 leather sofas

  "Kekekekeke seka wako wasu. Zvinonetsa munozvida fani. Why not buy from SA ko kuAfrica hakuna maleather sofas here. Shuwa vanhu munoita BP because of leather sofa apa nyika isewage.No wonder nyika dzedu dziri sewage. Ngezvepasi pano izvi kekekekekeke. If you had shipped books or clothes , stuff for the underpriviledged I would have helped you to name and shame...

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