Musvo Stars

Musvo Stars

Musvorologist with kadora

It never ends

Truck musvorologists : Generational consensus of musvoroligists

  If anyone thinks that our so called youths have what it takes to be great leaders you better stop dreaming .Many of them are really dumb and just think about musvo .Not their fault at all. They are products of bad governance that has socially destroyed our society too in various ways ....courtesy of zanupf.. really sad.I hope black...

Musvo : National blood service manager Esther Masunda

Said to be musvorologist Esther Masunda National blood service Zimbabwe Public affairs Manager

Video : Musvorologist dance

This world VIDEO

Video : Musvorologist Vimbai Dzimbanhete

Doing what she knows best VIDEO

Images : Musvorologist Theresa Gondo

"Sisi Vee hure iri riri kuparadza dzimba dzevanhub.Rinonzi Theresa Gondo"

Videos : Musvorologist Diana Chisvo as sisi Vee speaks with tete

  Her two videos doing musvo , in our possession are a cause of great concern. It has since emerged that according to tete the husband is in shock. Diana who was married and cheating her husband at the time of shooting the musvo videos is said to have deserted her husband. Tete Musvorologist Diana: Hie ndokumbirawo video ine mukadzi akanzi...

Video : Attempting musvo

Our world VIDEO

Melody muchemwa accused of home wrecking

Sends semi nudes  

Musvo at the beach


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