Musvo Stars

Musvo Stars

Video : Mbuya musvorologist

Shame. VIDEO

Video : Musvorologist at it

It never ends VIDEO VIDEO

Video : Musvorologist woman

It never ends VIDEO

Videos: Meikles musvorologist Ndinyengeiwo Lorraine Guyo suspended from work

Lorraine Guyo says she considered committing suicide as her world collapsed around her following her video which went viral. She confirmed that she had been suspended from her work and had had to abandon her mobile number after she was overwhelmed with love messages from lustful men. She told H Metro :”I put that video on my WhatsApp status for...

Video: Doing musvo

It never ends VIDEO

Video : Married pastor in musvo video cheating with man

Married pastor doing musvo with man. VIDEO

Video : Muchembere doing musvo

What a shame VIDEO

Musvorologist Lloyd Ruzvidzo husband to Joyce Rupiya

Lloyd is said to be sending 18 year olds his musvo.      

Video : Eating musvo

Zvakaoma VIDEO

Video : Married director of budget doing musvo in office

Real shame.The woman is said to be married VIDEO

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