Musvo Stars

Musvo Stars

Video :Said to be garden boy and maid doing musvo

In boss' house Video      

More musvo images as Fungai Nyimbi is fingered for lying that it is Precious

Me myself I as +2763 217 558 samples musvo images from own folder and lies that it is Precious Musavengane . Speaking to sisi Vee today Precious was adamant that it is a hater who is lying about her before she showed sisi Vee a link with the musvos .Precious told sisi Vee that the hater should be an...

Musvorologist Kudakwashe Saidi

Any takers out there? I am available

Musvorologist Kimberley Blessing Nyoni

I am available guys please get in touch

Musvorologist Michelle Makaza

Hi guys I am a 22 year old hairdresser looking for a life partner

Video : Doing musvo on car

Doing musvo on car   VIDEO

Videos : Musvorologist Tatenda Karigambe Tatellicious doing musvo

Tatenda Karigambe doing musvo and proudly says she is a married sex worker. She is not bothered about what people say. VIDEO : Tatenda doing musvo VIDEO: Tatenda eating musvo VIDEO : Musvorologist Tatenda confirming to musvorologist Mandla that it's her in musvo video ViDEO : Tatenda not bothered. Shame .Really sounding like shes possessed by an evil spirit. Kuita kutotyisa .Really unfortunate...

Musvorologist : Botswana nurse Oakantse Gaobatelwe

I am a nurse in Botswana by the name of Oakantse Gaobatelwe.I work at Charleshill clinic near Namibian Border.

Video : Musvo in the club

Satan and his disciples   VIDEO

Video :  Conartist Tatenda Karigambe Tatellicious undressing on facebook

Zvinotosiririsa.Some women vari kupembedza urwere uhwu VIDEO

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