Video : Musvorologist at it

It never ends VIDEO

Video : Chiedza Mavangira at it musvo

Back then before the problema I Declare that 2015 I will use ALL the talents God gave me for HIS GLORY. Amen. Chiedza Ruth Mavangira ABOUT ME Chiedza Mavangira was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe in 1979. She is the mother of her 15 year old Russian/Zimbabwean son Ivanovich Mavangira. Chiedza has an extensive background in Fashion, Beauty & Entertainment. She freelances as a celebrity red...

Musvo video: Tatenda Karigambe Tatelicious blow job

So sad idi kushaya nyadzi in public to this extent . I heard her mother in'anga. I think pane zvavakachekera mwana . Dai Mwari vamuitira nyasha. I was so pained when I heard kuti akadzingwa kuZaoga church Ireland. That was a golden opportunity for her to change but demon racho was too strong for church. Imagine church kudzinga munhu...

Videos : Zimbabwean mukwasha masturbating

  There is a Lost and Found phone trying to find the owner there are some videos in the phone and image of a black woman (attached). The man seems to be calling out a name something like Nyari Nyarai Nyaradzo. It could be my ears. The woman whose images are also in the phone is as beautiful as...

Video : Doing musvo on ground

It never ends. Doing musvo outside VIDEO  

Video : Men doing musvo in public

This weird world VIDEO

Video : Black and white musvorologists

Black and white musvorologists VIDEO

Musvo video : Said to be Texas pastor David Wilson

USA Texas : Pastor Wilson David of the Bible Way Ministries and World Out Reach has finally reacted to his viral sex tape and he is unbothered about it. The sex tape shows the pastor eating the honeypot of a woman, who is allegedly not his wife. The pastor received heavy backlash from the video but his family have refused to...

Video : Musvorologist Mandla and Sabina Ruwizhi

Mandla's birthday party. Tsvina dzega dzega VIDEO

Video : Men doing bonyora

uuuummm VIDEO

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