Musvo Stars

Musvo Stars

Video : Musvorologists doing musvo

It never ends. Gone are the days when human beings behaved like human beings

Video : Musvorologists swimming pool

"I guess that's why I hate swimming in these public waters and doing beaches filthy ." Said sisi Vee   VIDEO

Musvo videos : I am Chipo Muchemeyi

  Chipo Muchemeyi : My mane is Chipo Muchemeyi .I am from your country and have been going around the Liverpool area, sleeping with people’s husbands After I am done with them, I  call  police , and report them for harassment She thinks she can just go around and take anyone husband. Well I’m from Malawi, there is a way we...

Video : Musvorologist

Not Tatenda Karigambe Tatellicious. Said to be Malawian. I am thinking its that other one in Britain.I keep forgetting her name. VIDEO  

Video : Musvorologist

Musvorologist. VIDEO

Zanupf musvorologist Sgt Mauya threatening to shoot sisi Vee

The Zimbabwe's zanupf police officer Tawanda Charles threatening kuuraya sisi Vee after being exposed for stalking her . This musvorologist masquerading as Tawanda Charles is actually Sgt Mauya . "His name is Sgt Mauya not Constable Charles.That ID is not his maface akatosiyana. Akaenda kutraffic training school kuHarare but is stationed at Mutare Traffic" Said a source Writing to sisi Vee the police...

Sleeping uncle Tod


Musvorologist Primrose Chiseva : Girlfriend to married ex-pastor David Chitsvare

Primrose is that girlfriend to fired married pastor David Chitsvare. Primrose was accused of kidnapping a child at Harare showgrounds.David Chitsvare has since been fired as pastor due to adultery with Primrose. She resides at Farm54 Hippo Valley Chiredzi with her parents. Her father is retired zanu soldier colonel chiseva who violently grabbed a farm from a white farmer called...

Video : Doing musvo to woman

Looks like chibharo .Dhiyabhurosi nevanhu vake. VIDEO

Video : Musvorologist Biggie Risinamhodzi

Videos and Images: That should be musvorologist Biggie Risinamhodzi. He is in the habit of sending married women his musvos on facebook . His fake facebook name is Romeo Nyathi. So he requests friendship and then proposes and starts sending his musvos. He sent these musvos to a man thinking it is a woman so zvadirwa jecha. VIDEO To be uploaded

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