Musvo Stars

Musvo Stars

Video : Sodom and Gomorrah

Zvakaoma VIDEO  

Video :Dancing musvorologist

Marambadoro VIDEO

Images : Misvorologists


Images : Looks like musvorologist Sibusiso Mtombeni

Looks like musvorologist Sibusiso Madhlabuta Mtombeni

Video : Musvorologists

Kusemesa VIDEO

Video : Musvorologist

Kusakwana chaiko VIDEO  

Musvorologist Martha

  "If you are an internet resident, you could most probably have come across succulent photos of social media comedian Martha Kay displaying her beautiful bean for public consumption. Because of this, we want to exclusively unveil the real Martha Kay. Here is her full biography as compiled by OMUZINNYI Kagimba was born in Nairobi in mid 1990s and raised in Nakasero, Kampala....

Video : Gogo doing musvo with bottle

Ladies and gentleman I am gogo but age is just a number. I have what it takes.   VIDEO

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