Video : Restaurant dancer

It looks like the restaurant is paying her to embarass herself . So sad. Zvakaoma idi VIDEO

Video : Zodwa stooping low on stage naked

Zodwa Wabantu's fans are fuming after a video of her being "touched inappropriately" by male fans went viral. The video, seemingly shared by a fan, shows Zodwa speaking to party-goers while on stage. Dressed in a thong-like dress, close to four men can be seen trying to grab her booty. Although Zodwa didn't seem bothered by being touched by the men,...

Video: I love myself

Me myself I

Video : Zodwa Wabantu vagina tightening

It never ends VIDEO

Video : Dirty dancer entertaining immates

Zve Africa case in point Zimbabwe zvakaoma idi. Instead of getting in professionals to work with so called offenders we see dirty dancers like Bev gracing prison events and fake people like Tilda campaigning for the release of paedophiles. Why they dont arrange gospel concerts for them if someone has to play music instead of arranging dirty dancers for...

Video : That munotidako idiot

We cant even go for live shows nemhuri because angova maoccasions emahule and yet it should not be like that.

Video:Zanupf singer Saul Musaka Soul Jah wrecked by drugs

Zanupf Saul Musaka Kekekekeke seka hako wasu . He really looks like a junk yard kunga ari kugara muchuru. Hazi he is a celebrity tsvina iyoyi mazanu anonyadzisa zvekuti Soul Jah love says he took cocaine which drove him to insanity. He broke up with his wife, Bounty Lisa as cocaine took a grip on his life. “When I started travelling for...

Video : Bev dancing

Beverley Bev Sibanda.Mabasa asatan. I am very thankful to God that I did not grow up seeing tsvina idzodzi.I feel sorry for children. What shocks me most is tsvina idzodzi are celebrated zvotozi celebrity. In Britain the Sirs and Madames are never awarded to tsvina idzodzi.Kwedu we celebrate tsvina idzi. Mafungiro edu i surrender. VIDEO

Musvorologist : Pole dancer Zoey Sifelani

Said to be vemabasa erima musvorologist Zoey Sifelani "Kupub inonzi Londoner iya muHarare, ndovaya wanozviti Zoey and the red angels, zvakaoma" VIDEO 1 VIDEO 2

Video : Sewage music video shoot

Ndozvinongoziikanwa VIDEO

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