Musvo birthday

Video: The water melon dance

" I won the creative dance award. Thank you for sharing " VIDEO

Video : I can dance

I can dance. I won the dancing competition. Thank you for sharing VIDEO

Video : Musvo magazine what they read in bars

  The musvo magazine . Zvakaoma idi.Whatever happened to educational books to develop nations. This is why human beings are screwed up the world over by so called leaders .Citizens waste too much time on penises and vaginas while poverty etc skyrockets to alarming rates VIDEO

Musvo artist Vimbai Zimuto

Musvorologist Vimbai Zimuto Kekekeke kutofara kuti she has gained 2k followers in the last 24 hours . Kufarira mbiri yetsvina .These days if you want to be famous disrespect your body.She is very humbled that her musvos have made her popular kekekekeke seka hako wasu. I really thank God that I only saw my mother's naked body in the...

Video: Miss Zanupf competition

"Kekekekeke mafungiro edu anotopedza simba. Kunatsa kubuda mumba kuti ndakuenda kumiss zanupf . I doubt if our black brains think normally. " Said sisi Vee VIDEO

Said to be Baba Titi , Tapiwa Mutikani and wife at graduation

His exwife said to be clown Felistas Murata mai Titi. "Baba Titi , Tapiwa Mutikani and wife look very healthy and happy though unlike mai Titi akaperezeka . Probably the two are just taking good care of themselves but chances that Felistas anonyepa kuti akapihwa utachiwana by baba Titi are very high. Remember when I shared the news that Felistas...

Video: Dancing musvorologist at it

Shame   VIDEO

Barbara Mukudzei Gutu

Obert Gutu's daughter.    

Video : Well to do Zimbabwean Rutendo Tichiwangani appeals for visa donations

Writing on her Go fund me page the woman who is said to be living a luxurious life said , "Hi guys, I have been in the UK for 12 years now and I still haven't managed to get citizenship. I have come to the end of my 6 years discretionary leave and to apply for my citizenship I have to...

Videos : The musvo festival again

Our world VIDEO VIDEO 2  

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