What a disgrace. This black race is just a curse 😡. All we know best is opening legs and zips doing musvo and not commercial farming. Give the farms back to white farmers if you want that nation to be the breadbasket of Africa…common sense. You are even too dumb to understand this truth.If white farmers get back to farming our nation will prosper . Industries will open etc ” Said sisi Vee.

Arikana Chihombori seizes farm 👇🏼👇🏼

…..as Zimbabwe runs out of maize meal . I have been saying farms should never have been given to black people and should be given back to white farmers. Black people are very incompetent commercial farmers , irresponsible , selfish and evil

Published July 2009

Written by Viomak

After being irked by media reports that Dr Arikana Chihombori ,a US citizen who has lived in America for 30 years was in the middle of illegally seizing the Cremer’s farm in Chegutu I decided to give her a call.

I am of the opinion that farms should be allocated to farmers who have the expertise and who are available to farm.Be they white or black.If White farmers are better farmers than black farmers then the farms should be given to the white farmers.Why should people waste time fighting over land that they didn’t even create?

Why should someone who is in America moreso an American citizen who has been in America for 30 years
terrorise a farmer in Zimbabwe who is working hard to feed Zimbabweans?I asked myself before I called Dr Chihombori.

I was to share with her my views on the issue.I then called her surgery and an extremely nice and co operative lady took the call.I introduced myself to her and asked if I could speak to Dr Chihombori.She asked if I was a patient intending to book an appointment with the doctor.No I said ,after which I explained to her that there are certain Zimbabwe issues that I needed to discuss with her.Dr Chihombori was not in at that time and the lady asked me to leave a phone number so the Doctor can call me back.I gave her my cell number after she promised that she would give Dr Chihombori the details.

Later in the evening as I was preparing supper my husband brought my cell phone saying someone was on the phone.I took thecall and on the other end was an equally nice lady.I’m not sure though if Dr Chihombori is as nice in real life especially considering that she and her sister are not different from Chinotimba who goes around terrorising farmers forgetting that Zimbabwe’s economy is based on agriculture to a very large extent.

She said she was returning my call.I thanked her for that and I introduced myself to her and gave her my website for more information about myself.I then explained to her my reason for calling.

Firstly I asked if the media reports that she was in the middle of grabbing a farm violently were true of which she said NO.She said the media reports were false and she explained that the media was working hard to tarnish Tsvangirai’s image by using her case.She went on to explain how Jacob Zuma invited her separately to attend his inauguration.

”Mugabe and Tsvangirai are in very good books.I saw both men at Zuma’s inauguration and both men are really commited to the Government of National Unity.Both men want the unity government to work.However the media is lying that their relationship is not good.I saw it with my own eyes.The two men are getting on well ” she said.

I said to her as for Mugabe being committed to the Government of National Unity I don’t think so,but for Tsvangirai yes he could be committed.

I then asked if she was Tsvangirai’s niece.Yes, she said in a not very confident voice.Going back to the farm issue I told her that I was wondering why a learned and respected person of her calibre would be involved in farm grabbing and why someone in America would even bother to own a farm which she will most likely not utilise.

She agreed that of course she wouldn’t do that considering that she was a respected Doctor.She went on to complain about the media having blown the case out of proportion.

“It’s my sister who went to the farm with an offer letter.I can fax you the details for you to see.And when she got to the farm the farmer called her a kaffir.” she said.

I asked if she had an email address that I can get in touch with her so we can discuss the issue further.She said she wanted to know more about myself before giving out the email.I again gave her my website address and asked her to get back in touch on email whenever she was ready.

At that time she was running out of time since she was about to have an interview with SWRadio Africa.She promised to call me back as soon as she was done.She kindly invited me to listen to the interview of which I agreed.

In less than an hour she called me back and gave me her email address.I appreciated her good gesture and promised to discuss with her the issue on email.Later at night I wrote her an email copied below,

“Hello Dr Arikana,

Thank you so much for returning my call today.I really appreciate it.Honestly I just got worried about the media reports.You are such a lovely and understanding woman and I’m sure whatever the case is, you should be able to resolve the issue amicably.I read on SWRadioAfrica that you were putting a break to it and I think that’s really a very bright idea.I think your hard earned doctorate degree is much more important than the farm squabbles.I understand that historical injustices should be resolved but at the same time the nation needs food.Zimbabweans are starving to death and what many of them need are farmers who are able to provide for them be it white,black,pink or yellow.On Tsvangirai and Mugabe being in ‘good books’,I’m actually very surprised.I know Tsvangirai could be very genuine but as for Mugabe I doubt it.I just pray God will heal our country and allow peace and love to prevail.Remain blessed and lovely.

Till I hear from you.Vio ”

I wrote the email to her on the 10th of June 2009 and I’m still waiting for her response.Today is the 16th of June 2009.