” CID police were involved in a shootout with armed robbers this afternoon in Kwekwe. Five robbers were shot by the cops after exchanging gunfire. The shootout happened along the City- Mbizo Road. Just before Zimasco, Chibuku depot area. More details to come.
There was a high speed chase and the police shot the tyres of the vehicle that the robbers were in. The robbers were then shot as they tried to escape on foot while exchanging gun fire with the detectives. Two robbers died on the spot. Three shot on the legs.”

Hello Sisi Vee. What’s the story on the dead people paroad near kombi? I know the guy akamira in blue he is a CID Homicide kuHarare kuHarare anonzi Hove
Zvakaoma it’s TRUE. I know 2 were granted bail nehighcourt, very dangerous guys[19/07 12:08 am] HRDV Sisi Vee 2: Images : Polite Madamombe and Harmony Nyathi said to be some of the robbers killed in shoot out .

In 2018 Madamombe and Nyathi were involved in another robber (group image).Could be all of the named in article shot dead

Armed Robber Loses Manhood During Shoot-Out With Police

By Staff reporter – November 6, 2018

An armed robber, linked to a several robberies targeting businesses in Harare, lost his manhood during a shootout with the police in Waterfalls last Thursday.

Godfrey Josi (35) was shot on the area between the anus and the scrotum.

He is currently receiving treatment at Parirenyatwa Hospital while in handcuffs.

Josi is being charged together with Austin Ncube (27), Harmony Nyathi (29), Polite Madamombe (34), Wisdom Tariro (22) and Sangulani Chikumbutso (38).

Prosecuting, Sebastian Mutizirwa denied the suspects bail saying their accomplices are yet to be apprehended.

“There is a possibility that if granted bail, they will regroup and continue committing crimes.

“The accused are a flight risk. They do not have permanent addresses. They sometimes reside in neighbouring countries like South Africa hence if granted bail they will be difficult to locate,” said Mutizirwa.