UK based Zanupf alleged conwoman Ruramai Mashingaidze is being accused of swindling Cyclone Idai victims £700 through a Go Fund Me Page.An audio circulated on whatsapp explains how Ruramai admits that she was involved in fundraising for Cyclone Idai victims in March 2019 and claims she is still to distribute the money to intended recepients.

The Zimbabwean woman and Zanupf loyalist Ruramai Flora Mashingaidze was recently named and shamed for defrauding Cyclone Idai victims had no kind words to say in the audio .She is said to have opened a Go fund me page to raise money for Zimbabwe victims but no money raised has reached the victims. She curses those who demand justice for the victims.The woman says she wants to be a Member of Parliament for Mbare ,Harare.

“Please give me her contact number etc so I report her to police if you haven’t done so as yet. Please send me the Go Fund Me page link too if it still exists to whatsapp +447565446999 # Ruramai Cyclone Idai conwoman

That said, I am going to follow up on all Go Fund Me pages and related charity pages opened for Zimbabwe Cyclone Idai and will be reporting all suspicious ones to appropriate authorities.So yea you can go ahead and continue hating me but this is what I am doing with immediate effect.

Whoever donated to her Go Fund Me page. Makapata zvekuti. Zvekubirwa munozvida fani. You are so quick to trust conartists moreso imbwa yezanu.” Said sisi Vee

[27/05 11:47 pm] Sisi Vee: Hey hanzvadzi muri sei

[28/05 9:43 am] Lordmore Karanda : Mushe ndeip

[28/05 9:44 am] Lordmore Karanda : Ndakabata mbava pa facebook. Ruramai Mash

[28/05 9:45 am] Lordmore Karanda : Akatora 700 pounds ye Cyclone idai muna March and has not given it to your people in Chimanimani

[28/05 7:15 pm] Lordmore Karanda : Ruramai Mashingaidze admitting misappropriation of Cyclone Idai donated funds which was £700. She has failed to give the Chimanimani victims. Share and shame this Zanu PF conwoman.

[01/06 2:50 am] Sisi Vee: But vanhu vakapata. Why donate to a zanupf idiot in the first place.