Wife seeks help as husband George Zaranyika deserts family for small house musvorologist Tarie Chinyemba

Hurt is one of the many married women who approach sisi Vee for help after homewreckers destroy their marriages knowingly . Sisi Vee always stands up such heartbroken souls such that many Zimbabwean women in such kind of crisis now know who to turn to for help and support .Many such small houses brag to the wives and send the married men their musvos after which the heartbroken married women turn to sisi Vee for support. Sisi Vee has lost count of the many married women she has helped in such situations. The shamed small houses then turn around and curse sisi Vee for helping out the married women and whenever they see the name sisi Vee they see hate while the married women see love. Married men in need whose marriages are wrecked by small houses also approach sisi Vee for help .

[07/05, 11:50 pm] Hurt: Hello my sister

[07/05, 11:50 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello love muri sei

[07/05, 11:51 pm] Hurt: How are you doing. I was given your number by ……..My dear my heart has been bleeding ever since ndakabata murume wangu ne private app aisenderwa ma private parts nemuskana

[07/05, 11:52 pm] Hurt: My marriage has been destroyed nemukazi uyu.

[07/05, 11:53 pm] Hurt: And she is still communicating nemurume wangu pa fb.Murume akaenda kundisiya nemwana ane 9 months

[07/05, 11:53 pm] Hurt: I want kuvanyadzisa vese vanhu ava.

[07/05, 11:54 pm] Hurt: Ndoita sei

[07/05, 11:56 pm] Hurt: Akandisiya kana cent remwana mwana arikutorwara mwana wangu ndamuti l will put u pa social media murume akati andina bass nazvo

[08/05, 12:06 am] Hurt: Mukazi uyu anonzi Tarie chinyemba rimwe Zita anoshandisa Ku fb anonzi Tarry wekwa Chinyemba.Murume anonzi George zarax Zaranyika.Mukazi uyu aitsvaga number zemurume wangu that was last year kuna tete vangu sister yemurume wangu.Tete akamuti murume uyu urikumutsvagireiko atori nemukazi nemwana.She never listen.I don’t know kuti vakazosangana sei.Murume had a private phone me app the one am using right now.I found it in the car he was hiding it.My sister my heart was saw l approached this lady akati l didn’t know that anemukazi.She said to me l blocked him and andichataura naye.To my surprise they are charting pa fb she is even his friend.l wrote to her that l see you are still talking to george hana kana kudaira.Ndirikunetsva mumwe wangu.Akandisiiye nemwana mucheche andina kana chekupa mwana.Kubasa andiende.

[08/05, 12:09 am] Hurt: She is got two lines they were even planning to get married

[08/05, 12:10 am] Hurt: That’s her sending those nonsense to my husband.

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