The agony of a cheated man : How married Tawanda Gunja destroyed my marriage to Francisca ‘Mufandarabwa’

“How are you sisi vee Please help me .I want to explain how Tawanda Gunja a married cheat went on to destroy my marriage to Francisca Mufandarambwa of 20 years.Tawanda Gunja who hails from Guruve and stays in Chitungwiza unit A.He started by being a private tutor to Francisca Mufandarambwa at our residence in unit J Seke Chitungwiza and he got known to me and the children but little did i know that him and Francisca had their own dirty plans.Tawanda Gunja claims to be a state agent working in the ministry of Defence and also doing some tobacco contract farming in the Mazoe area and their affair started as far back as 2013 and i had some moments of suspicions about their relationship with my wife but Francisca would furnish Tawanda Gunja with my movements and plans since i was working in Bindura.

I started to receive word that there many men who were calling at our matrimonial house both during the day and night and Francisca who used not to drink started indulging in beer drinking and this was confirmed by my catching Tawanda Gunja being at my residence drunk and standing in the dining room doorway whilst Francisca her niece and my children were packing some alcoholic stuff at the behest of Gunja for sale and i chased him away and rebuked Francisca from exposing children to alcohol and dubious characters llike Tawanda Gunja

In 2017 i discovered that Francisca had loaned the family” deep freezer to Tawanda Gunja without my knowledge and permission and i ordered for its return and my children confirmed that activity. Francisca had now turned herself into an alcoholic and would frequent the popular drinking spots at Chikwanha in the company of Tawanda Gunja and would come to sleep at the matrimonial home during my absence and in the presence of the children much to the chagrin of my neighbors and relatives.In some instances she would not come back home from Madziva Teachers college for the weekend to see the children she would go out partying with Tawanda Gunja.

In April 2018 I observed that Fransica was pregnant and i then decided to watch her on how she was going to handle it and she became scared that i would find it out and chase her away from the matrimonial home but i did not want do so at that juncture since it was going to adversely affect our daughter who was studyig for “O”level at that time.

On 10 January 2019 Fransica gave birth to Tawanda Gunja”s adulterous son at Chitungwiza General Hospital and brought it to the matrimonial home 6409 unit J and that is when i asked to pack her bags and leave and it is also imperative to point out that the sacking coinsided with the college’s opening dates and she went to Madziva Teachers” training college and started staying as a non resident renting a room which now being paid for by Tawanda Gunja.On 9 Marh 2019 i took them to a traditional court of Chief Masembura to which they got charged with adultery.It is not true that he was not aware that Fransica was still married to me he is trying to play the fool out of Francisca and she is not seeing that because of shame and sheer stupidity since Gunja is married to three other wives dotted in the townships of Harare.Tawanda Gunja cell number is 0772771994 and Francisca’s number is 0783188838 if you need to confirm certain issues with them.” Said the husband.

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