It looks like the singer just wants an easy passage to the UK in case the habitual thief has her UK immigration papers in order.

Wanted : UK Nursing homes habitual thief Zimbabwean Tallyn Ndudzo aka Nora Manyere

By admin

March 7, 2016

A UK based Zimbabwean care worker Tally Ndudzo (pictured) stealing from vulnerable adults in UK nursing homes and brags about it is not supposed to be working with vulnerable people.Her DBS … CRB ……criminal record details her criminal behaviour.
On top of stealing from vulnerable adults ,Tallyn also sends her musvos to her list of boyfriends

Almost SIXTEEN cases of stealing from vulnerable adults are said to have been recorded in her name in UK .

Tallyn whose behaviour is typical of a woman possessed by evil spirits is also seen in some videos abusing the vulnerable adults , said a source.She is not supposed to be working with vulnerable people .

Their father is said to have changed her birth certificate from Nora Manyere to Tallyn Ndudzo when he wanted to apply for her visa together with her young sister who is now called Tania Ndudzo and originally Kudzai .