Ivy Kombo’s husband ( Bishop Admire Kasi) snatched from her foster mother to appear in court 14 May 2019 for fraud

The couple recently went to Zimbabwe from Britain where they are based. Kasi is accused of conning the victim after he sold a stand that the victim paid for to another buyer. Speaking to sisi Vee someone with first hand information said,

[08/04, 1:09 pm] Kasi Stands: Hi Sister.

[08/04, 1:11 pm] Sisi Vee: Hi love muri sei

[08/04, 1:13 pm] Kasi Stands: Mushe. Sis Vee tinenyaya yaBishop Kasi. Vakavhara stand yedu vakabuda zim
paya. So now vadzoka takavasungisa but he has been released without conditions nhai imi. So we are worried achabuda munyika. So takungoda kuti tiva expose chete.

[08/04, 1:14 pm] Kasi Stands: He was at Harare Central. Court number 6 today parotten raw. Atoenda mufunge just like that.

[08/04, 1:31 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much for the case

[08/04, 1:32 pm] Kasi Stands: Thanks 🙏🏽

[08/04, 1:36 pm] Kasi Stands: 4 beeston ave the Grange that’s his address. Phone number handina. He sold my sister stand ku Westgate 2002. Then after some time takawana pane foundation. He had sold it kune mumwe munhu.

[08/04, 3:36 pm] Kasi Stands: Trial date 14 may

[08/04, 3:55 pm] Kasi Stands: Let me check for his number. But rumours ikuti he has left already.

[08/04, 4:16 pm] Kasi Stands: Court was at rotten raw nhasi. Kasi got bail without conditions mufunge. He is on the run now. Trial 14 may

[08/04, 4:16 pm] Kasi Stands: CR 2856/03/19 harare cetral police
DR 46/03/19 CCU
CRB 4253 rotten ro court

[08/04, 4:16 pm] Kasi Stands: Case number iyo

[08/04, 4:18 pm] Kasi Stands: Paitwa corruption sis Vee.

[08/04, 4:19 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok 👍🏼

[08/04, 4:21 pm] Kasi Stands: Ok thanks

[08/04, 4:21 pm] Sisi Vee: You are welcome

[08/04, 4:28 pm] Kasi Stands: Kasi and Ivy Kombo where selling stands ku Westgate. My sister bought a stand then after some time kwakuona pastand pane foundation. Kuzoenda kuoffice deeds hanzi yakatengeserwa mumwe munhu.

[08/04, 4:29 pm] Kasi Stands: So vana Kasi left for UK. All ways to get help was fruitless. Ma lawyers vakadya havo mari mahara.

[08/04, 4:30 pm] Kasi Stands: So akauya zim sis vakareporter kuharare Central. He got arrested on sat evening

[08/04, 4:30 pm] Kasi Stands: He was in cells and went to court today.

[08/04, 4:39 pm] Kasi Stands: Officer ava is handling the case. Maybe number anayo.
Meanwhile Reverend Edmore Moyo, the ex-husband of disgraced gospel singer Ivy Kombo, spoke about how his marriage was destroyed by Pastor Admire Kasi, the man who as foster father looked after the orphaned Ivy and her twin sister Anne Kombo since they were 8/13 years old.

Moyo was an engineering student at the Harare Polytechnic before he moved to the University of Zimbabwe’s Bishop Gaul Seminary for Anglican priests and trained in Theology. He married Ivy Kombo in December 2001. The problems emerged early on with Kasi said to call Ivy ‘too much’ on the phone even for a foster dad.

Moyo said many people in the Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA) church they used to attend kept warning him saying ‘Ivy mukadzi wa Kasi- Ivy is Kasi’s wife.’ In hindsight Moyo told us it meant people in the church knew what was going on behind his back and that of Kasi’s long suffering wife Sarah.

When they got married Moyo told said the honeymoon was a nightmare made in hell with Pastor Kasi calling Ivy now and then. He challenged Ivy on why she was taking so many calls from the supposed ‘foster dad’ especially on their honeymoon. A heated argument broke out with Ivy telling Moyo he was jealous.
Tomorrow we continue the series and tell you how Pastor Kasi using his financial resources moved in for the kill and put pressure on the young couple by changing Ivy’s work schedule and engineering a move for Moyo to take up a ministry in the United Kingdom

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