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Pane nyaya yakambobuda a few months back ikatsikwa tsikwa because it was about Brian Derrick Nyamushamba an admin of the group where all gossip is shared. So he was lucky as the platform mvenge mvenge protected him. Brian was a prison guard until late last year when he fled to the USA.

On a live video with Tatelicious a male ex convict joined and shared that he was raped by Brian while he was in jail and that many other prisoners had been raped too and in exchange Brian would provide certain favors to the vulnerable prisoners. Melly who is his partner in destroying people’s lives through their group helped kuvhara nekuti ma allegations ekuti ingochani apere. Brian also denied ever being gay and ever raping prisoners.

On Thursday, 7 February 2019 Brian shared a picture of his facebook page and forgot to hide some evidence of him being gay as the picture showed that he is part of a Queer Housing group in the US where he relocated to. Rumors say that Brian’s deeds were on the verge of being exposed and he was going to get arrested but he managed to flee and seek asylum in the US after being tipped off.

We cannot allow a rapist to seek asylum on the basis of fearing for his life as a gay man when in fact, he committed a huge crime in Zimbabwe and fled from justice. He became famous for naming and shaming, destroying people’s lives yet he was busy violating the human right of prisoners who were vulnerable.

See pictures attached and spread the news to others for further and proper investigations. This might help us to expose others like Brian still working as jail guards and exploiting young, vulnerable prisoners.

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