“So this man left Zimbabwe and went to Britain to rape . What an idiot and low lifer. Kukwira ndege koobata mwana rape. I bet mwana wamrs. Kekekekeke seka hako wasu. Ndotype iya yeblack men inobooster self esteem ngekurara nemungezi…and this teen allowed a 36 year old male stranger into her home. When they get raped they are teens…when you ask then to behave well you are stopped because they are adults. She is a 19 year old woman and not teenager if you ask me.If beer makes you stupid to the extent of bringing male strangers into your home at night then dont drink it. At times we are raped by these monsters because of our irresponsible behaviour. Also don’t drink beer around men if it puts you at risk of rape . You can argue as much as you can that the men should not rape but unfortunately they wont stop so it is you who has to stop acting irresponsibly or else they rape you .” Said sisi Vee.

‘Anyone listening to the recording would have found it very emotional and upsetting’

A bave rape victim helped cops catch her attacker by using a trick she learned on This Morning.
The teenager met Pardon Bopoto, 36, on a night out in Bristol but when they got to her house he forced himself upon her.

The 19-year-old offered him the spare room but he “wouldn’t take no for an answer”, despite her being very clear that she did not want to have sex with him.
Thankfully, she remembered a tip that another victim shared with Phil and Holly on This Morning and hit record on her phone.

Bopoto was arrested and denied rape, but a jury who heard the audio recording at Bristol Crown Court convicted him today.
He has been jailed for six years.
Judge William Hart told him: “From the recording you can tell she has been drinking and is tired. All she wants you to do is leave her alone.
“You are determined to carry on and you did.

an answer, and you raped her.
Judge William Hart

“It was a recording made of what happened between the two of you.
“She made her position clear, both physically and in words, you were not prepared to say no for an answer, and you raped her.”
Bopoto was told to register as a sex offender indefinitely and is now barred from working from children and vulnerable adults.

The jury heard the victim had seen an item in This Morning in which a woman being sexually assaulted video recorded her attacker.
The 19-year-old read a victim personal statement to the judge from the witness box, sitting behind a screen.
She described how she froze when she was assaulted and had gone from an “outgoing and bubbly” person to finding it hard to trust people and not going out alone.
She told the court: “I felt guilty talking about it to my family. I didn’t want to upset them.
“It really upsets me to see my family crying.”
She said she had had to take time off work and had lost out financially.
She added: “I feel all over the place. I think about the future and I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Source : The Sun