Hi sis Vee, that small house video happened in Belgium it’s Congolese.This girl was dating a married man and the wife text her on her husband phone so she came home not knowing it is the wife who was waiting for her. She kept her in the house for two days abusing her.
So allegedly what happened is the girl in the dress (Gladys)was sleeping with this woman’s (Michelle) husband. But Gladys says she didn’t know he was married and he paid for hotels. He never wore a wedding band so she was unaware of their union. Michelle found pics etc on the husband phone and set Gladys up and decided she was going to undress her and beat her and stick a pen in her vagina. The woman was fingering her in the bum and vagina with a pen.
That’s what she keeps saying (we didn’t witness this happen) in the video. She is slapping her ass, pinching her nipples and asking her is that what my husband was doing to you.
Gladys says she was kidnapped for 2 days and this happened in Europe and police are now involved.