Video : The Mutare – Rusape accident said to have so far claimed the lives of 50 or so .

” The government allows unlicenced , drunk, careless drivers to operate vehicles on our roads .Moreso they allow the use of unroadworthy vehicles on our roads. Sewage country. The safest solution is to avoid using public transport unnecessarily if you can and also to avoid operating your private vehicles unnecessarily if you can.The moment you use those roads then it’s a death sentence . Siyai manyora mawill before using the death traps.Otherwise the permanent solution is to remove the zanupf pfeerorists from power so muchatombofiwa zvekuti as usual mumaroads umu because the devils are ruling. Meanwhile rest in peace/pieces in advance ” Said sisi Vee.

Video : The owner of accident prone Smart buses denying kuromba.

“Very good interview.. professionally done with respect .Well done interviewer .Zvasiyana nesewage dzaTilda who does not respect interviewees.Keep up the good work.

I remember ndichiramba kurikwira bus iroro ndikati ndomirira Tenda and I even said ko zvimabus zvangozara Mutare to Harare ngezvepi. Pane zvimwe futi zvitsva plying that route zvinomhanya zvekuti zvinotora ecocash too cant remember the names.

Totally agree yes that the drivers being employed are short of it ….but the pfeerorist government allows that to happen and bad people like the Sigaukes take advantage of the government’s failure to do the right things and they employ sewage drivers who they dont even train good customer service if they even know what good customer care is ivo varidzi vacho. Pamwe vatori mapfeerorists kutaura kuno .Senge customer service yekuEconet Zimbabwe unozwa tsitsi apa muridzi ibillionnaire so I heard but cant even think of having flourishing customer care call centres 24/7 but uses social media to deliver half baked and sewage customer service ….disregarding customers’ rights to privacy as well. Makambozvizwepi a BIG company providing customer service on twitter …not feedback …customer service like the norm. Zvakaoma idi zvemunhu mutema.

I guess we need the Smart drivers to help out on meeting targets and other working conditions. I strongly feel Sigauke is lying about not implementing meeting targets condition. Well on kuromba chances that vakaromba are very high too. Kwedu kwaMutare kuromba for business to flourish or even to start a business is very common and they look like the type yekuromba too. Maybe havana havo kuromba but my experiences as a wasu ndotype yekuromba too iyi .If someone has their numbers I can go deeper with them and ask them where they got the money to buy buses. The woman’s face and tone of voice is not convincing at all kuti havana kuromba. I smell some sort of guiltness” Said sisi Vee.