[08/10 10:23 am] HRDV Sisi Vee 2: Video and images : Singing pfeeroristess hazi akazviuraya.  Husband said to be CAFF in image .Hazi the husband  sang a song called ‘you are perfect to me’.

[08/10, 10:32 am] Cover H209 : Hi sis Vee, sorry zvenyu the girl who killed herself is my brother’s daughter her name is Oreen, we are devasted, sometimes I used to stay with her here in South Africa. I know her my daughter Infact if I may say so

[08/10, 10:32 am] Sisi Vee: Ahhhh hanzvadzi really ? Thank you so much for updating .Ko zvakafamba seiko

[08/10, 10:34 am] Cover H209 : It was a domestic dispute, at the moment my brother and her mother were Separated

[08/10, 10:34 am] Cover H209 : They are on the way to Zimbabwe now

But the rumour coming out is that the boyfriend killed her, but we will get full story later today

[08/10, 10:36 am] Sisi Vee: Ok.Was she married to the CAFF mentioned ?

[08/10, 10:36 am] Cover H209 : They were staying together in Mutare
But nothing officially haana kuroora

[08/10, 10:56 am] Sisi Vee: Whats CAFF full name

[08/10, 10:57 am] Cover H209 : No i don’t know since anga ari munhu asina kuroora

[08/10, 10:43 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok hanzvadzi thank you so much 👏🏽

Updated 12/10/2018

An upcoming musician’s wife Oreen Phiri has hanged herself in Mutare after he cheated.

Regarding that video and images.

Lionel “Caff” Matanda’s wife, Oreen Sheila Phiri, hanged herself from a roof truss at the couple’s Dangamvura Area 3 residence.

The 19-year old left a suicide letter which reads : “Lionel just like I said before . . . I am sorry wandiwana ndisiri mhandara . . . I’m sorry I found out kuti you are dating someone else now if you wanna know why I did this it’s becoz handisisna mufaro nevanhu vekwaka Suza you have finally showed me by calling me names. Now I’m asking you kuti mhamha vangu vazotore mwana, that’s the only place where our son could be happy and I’m not going to rest until Zane is happy. I will always love you.”

The Manica Post reports that Caff denied ever engaging in extra marital affairs. He alleged that his late wife had suicidal tendencies and once attempted to commit suicide three months ago.

“It’s sad my brother but I never cheated on her. She had just finished breastfeeding and she asked me to hold the baby. I was shocked to see her body hanging on the roof truss in another room a few minutes later. She was suspecting me of having an extra marital, something which is not true.

”Yes, I untied her thinking that she was still alive. I did not see this coming. I realised she was dead and there was nothing I could do. She had suicidal tendencies and at one time she once consumed some pills accusing me of having extra marital affairs. ‘But I would always tell her to verify before accusing me. It’s sad it had to end this way,” he added.


Source : From Manica post

“What a baby at 19. Hapeno chimboitai. She had proven suicidal tendencies and you continued to live with her. Could have taken her back to her parents to seek help . It was a matter of time before she commited suicide. Many suicidal people mention it but we think they will be playing with our minds. Plus dzimwe ngozi dziri kubva mukusapota zanupf and the pfee regalia you wear ine mweya yetsvina. This is serious fellow Zimbabweans zanupf is a demonic party. They have been murdering even before we were born and ngozi idzodzo dziri kutenderera thats why I dont want to see any of those demons near me. Do not bring their demons into your lives. Now you committed suicide on the day you were putting on the pfee tshirt. It’s not just coincidence izwa inini wasu ndiri kutomutauriraso.The party is infested with demons which manifest in various ways. Vane nzeve dzekuzwa wazwa.

Additionally , if you are not strong hearted please refrain from getting involved in so called love affairs.In most of them you will be ‘loving’ someone who ‘loves’ your money or your vagina and not you.It’s very emotionally challenging too to start living with a stranger you have not known for 25 years . There are so many characterists you have to endure and tolerate so hazvidi hana nhete fellow Zimbabweans…next you will kill someone or you are killed by someone or you kill yourself . Also dont trick or force men to love and marry you just because you want to be called Mrs inorder to boost your self esteem and please your relatives or brag to your friends that you are married. You don’t boost your self esteem by tying yourself to a stranger and hanging a marriage paper on your wall. It’s just a paper fellow Zimbabweans. Your life and peace of mind is more important than a chapter in a book of law. Nemanakidzire anoita whatsapp nefacebook zvakaoma .You boost your self esteem by pumping knowledge into you brain and not by pumping herbs into your vagina inorder to sexually please the stranger.

Imimiwo arume siyanai nekudira mukadzi chiro chake . If you are not ready to respect her and treat her like a queen please go and get sexual pleasure from your mother until you are decided .

Thank you so much musvozimbabwenews sources for always being on top of the game. Kubata dzisati dzaita munya is because of your selflessness ,hardwork and expertise in sourcing reliable news for us .Also thanking whole heartedly all those who inbox to confirm the news be it the relatives , friends etc. Words fail me thank you so much 👏🏽👏🏽 💋 Said sisi Vee