[09/08 2:01 pm] HRDV Sisi Vee 2: Beware of the fake news by Nelson Chamisa bootlickers and disgraced donor funds thieves Zimeye Simbarashe Chikanza and now Britain social worker Betty Makoni of Girl Child Network (GCN)

….that sisi Vee has been successfully sued by a Tafadzwa Mushunje for making viral a 2016 write up from a woman accusing Tafadzwa of abusing her partner’s child.

MDC Alliance bootlickers and habitual donor funds thieves Girl Child Network (GCN) Betty Makoni and Zimeye Simbarashe Chikanza on spree to silence sisi Vee for exposing their thieving and despising Nelson Chamisa.

– Betty Makoni fleeced Oxfam charity millions and escaped to the UK after the charity initiated investigations.A news story regarding the thieving was originally published by the Financial Gazette Zimbabwe

– Betty Hazviperi Makoni the now Britain social worker abused employees and many were not paid as Betty Makoni was building a mansion in Malborough using donor funds sourced to help sexually abused girls. One female employee successfully won a labour court dispute and Makoni was to pay the woman her wages plus legal costs

– In Britain Betty Makoni went on to fleece donor funds donated to a Taremeredzwa who went to Britain for surgery. Betty went on to open a bogus bank account to deposit money from a film highlighting Taremeredzwa’s case.

– After sisi Vee ran many stories exposing the donor funds abuse and workers abuse , donors shunned the thieving woman who from that time harboured a grudge against sisi Vee .

– Her ally Simba Chikanza who hated sisi Vee for refusing to remove a story about his friend who was arrested in UK for drink driving teamed up with Betty to denounce sisi Vee

– Sisi Vee went on to name and shame the Zimeye journalist Simbarashe Chikanza for fleecing the UK lottery fund £10 000.

– The thieving journalist efforts to sue sisi Vee remained a dream as he threatened sisi Vee on whatsapp. He was given his size by sisi Vee

The two donor funds abusers have since teamed up to cook lies that a Tafadzwa Mushunje in Zimbabwe has won a court case against sisi Vee for publishing a write up from a woman accusing Tafadzwa of abusing her married partner’s step child.

The two thuggish conartists who support Nelson Chamisa of MDC Alliance a Zimbabwe political party , have since teamed up to terrorise sisi Vee for despising Nelson Chamisa’s recent alliance with Robert Mugabe etc

Below is one of the many donor funds abuse stories that was published to expose the donor funds abuser

Posted 12th July 2013 by Zimbabwe Corruption

Zimbabwe’s Girl Child Network Worldwide founder Betty Makoni who has since relocated to Britain amid donor funds fraud as reported by various media and ex GCN employees has not let go her habit of soliciting for donor funds on bogus errands.Sisi Vee was very instrumental in exposing the donor funds thieving

Betty Makoni who is alleged to have a history of donor funds abuse,the reason why she is said to have run away from Zimbabwe recently publicised that a film of a  Zimbabwean girl Taremeredzwa who once came to Britain on a medical trip in 2009/2010 to have a tumor operated on was to be shown on channel 5.She went on to solicit for donor funds using old images giving the impression that the girl was in UK for a second operation.This she did behind the girl’s family.When the family got  wind of the scam they publicised a press release below .As soon as Betty became aware of the fact that she had been caught she is said to have changed that the money was for the film makers but not before a message she posted on facebook was copied.No one in the family knows how much she took for donations up until after the film was shown to today.

The Press release that exposed the bogus fundraising

Warning :Do not donate to Tare Mapungwana’s cause as being publicised by GCNW Betty Makoni as this is a scam.

It has come to Tare Mapungwana’s family that GCNW Betty Makoni has embarked on a journey to solicit for donor funds using Tare Mapungwana’s predicament in the name of a film about her ordeal.

On top of Betty Makoni soliciting for donor funds in the name of Tare on twitter and elsewhere here is another appeal for donor funds from her which was published on Zimdiaspora on Tuesday 18 June 2013 saying,

” Members of public who wish to assist Tare, can get in touch with Girl Child Network’s officials on UK phone number  +447951522790  or email”

Please do not donate.Betty is not even in touch with Tare’s family.I am told they last communicated in 2010 and this is 2013 .Tare’s family in Zimbabwe was not even aware that their daughter’s name was being used to solicit for donor funds by Betty who has resurfaced to use the opportunity of a so called Tare film to dupe unsuspecting members of the public into believing that she is collecting the donor funds for Tare’s cause.

Betty did not get consent from Tare’s family and they have since advised her to stop using their daughter’s name to solicit for donor funds.

I have written evidence from the family to Betty Makoni asking her to stop her behaviour forthwith and I am hoping she obliges.

She is also using Tare’s images of 2009/2010 for the publicity including a picture of her Betty plaiting Tare’s hair.

To all media please be advised that this is a scam by Betty Makoni .If she asks you to publish anything pertaining to this donor funds issue please contact me so that I can give you Tare family’s contacts so that you can confirm with them.

Below is the communication from the family
Dear Betty,

Hope this message finds you well.

We really appreciate all your efforts during the period we worked together between 2009 and 2010, your support will forever be treasured and remain an important part of Tare’s struggle.

Whatever happened to make your support come to a sudden death was a bitter pill for us to swallow, this brought tears to our faces and a lot more happened but we had already buried and forgot all about it.

Our concern is your recent resurfacing into our ordeal with all your aggressive publicity campaign through the various media. Where were you since 2010. We have been fighting our own war silently and without any publicity through the media and things were working out. You were once our hero but you abandoned us in the midst of the war, our silent fight took us through the rest of 2010, 2011, 2012 and now we are in 2013 without going public nor any of your publicity campaigns. If you want to re-join us in this silent fight you are welcome.

Kindly note that we are not pleased with the recent publicity you gave to our ordeal without our consent nor our slightest knowledge, this must stop forthwith. If you are willing to support us in this fight kindly advise us and we will be willing to work with you for the benefit of Tare.

Talent Mapungwana

Posted 12th July 2013 by Zimbabwe Corruption