” I guess she can also do a video like Felistas Murata mai titi to curse me for helping Zimbabweans” Said sisi Vee.

Hie sisi vee i am sending you a pic of a certain lady in cyprus her name is fortunate pilime she is studying nursing pa cyprus international university in niccosia. This lady is hiv positive and is sleeping with innocent kids in cyprus yekedero she left her husband an Angolan national in s.a and ran away with their 1year old baby girl. Help to stop her killing young kids she is 34years. I also know she is getting her ARV’s from a soldier named mahere who sends the mom in uk then smuggles into cyprus to her.

Writing to sisi Vee,  someone who knows her as well  said ,

[16/05 6:35 pm] Removed B42 Knows Doreen: Yhooo sis Veee🙆🏼‍♀ how are you?
That Fortunate kana arikuzviita zveshuwa ngaarege kudaro, I knw her very much she used to stay with us here in Port Elizabeth, it’s true kuti akatiza Murume waakachata naye kuno🙆🏼‍♀she was also doing nursing here, ane Vana 2 wekutanga anonzi simbarashe, Murume wake arikutambura kuno🙆🏼‍♀I wonder why ppl love being in healthy department yet they have moyo wehuroyi kudaro
And its true kuti she is hiv positive,akatobva nacho kuno”


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