As Minister of primary and secondary education Paul Mavima responds to sisi Vee over child abuse in Zimbabwe schools .

[28/02, 6:51 pm] Sisi Vee: A very good evening to you Mr Mavhima .It’s been long .We last spoke on my guest book on my website . It’s Viomak .I am still into activism. I hope the family is fine too .I received the disturbing information below. I am kindly asking that your office follow up on the issue .Such kind of behaviour should never be allowed to prevail in our schools.I await to hear from your office how the issue is going to be followed up.Your response and assurance that the issue will be investigated will be greatly appreciated.Thank you

[31/03, 9:21 am] Sisi Vee: A very good morning to you Mr Mavhima.I hope I find you well.

I sincerely apologise for bothering you again.The only reason why I am writing you is as our minister of primary and secondary educatuon you have an obligation to ensure our schools are schools for learning and not places of child abuse.

As a citizen I have a responsibility to bring such issues of child abuse in our schools to your attention expecting you to take immediate action.

You can still decide to ignore this second case of child abuse in school as you did for the first case I sent you weeks ago.

Zvenyu zvechizanu and thinking you dont have to respond to citizens’ is not only unprofessional behaviour but it is also incompetent and insensitive behaviour…meaning you are in the wrong job makangopindira mari typical of black people .You have no love at all for all the children being abused in schools and you dont want to see better schools for our children too.Why turning a blind eye to such evilness in our schools .You are behavibg like satan’s disciple too like your teachers.Where is your heart?

Basa kudya mari and allowing our children to be abused in schools .nxaaa uri zibenzi remunhu evil hearted bastard masquerading as a leader. Vari vana vako vaizwa sei. Zimbwa rezanu musatanyoko . Waguta kunyarwa.

[31/03, 9:28 am] Sisi Vee: Go and look for that school in the video and fire that teacher and write a circular to all Zimbabwe schools saying NO to taking children photos and videos in schools and go to that school in person too plus the first school I wrote you about weeks ago .That child has to be compensated too …not kungodya mari wakagara zidzoro . Kana basa rako riri rekungodya mari wotaura ndirege kukunyorera futi expecting you to take action heartless incompetent thing .

[31/03, 11:47 am] +263 77 Paul Mavhima: Do you want me to respect you when you do not even respect yourself with the language you use?

[31/03, 11:49 am] +263 77 Paul Mavhima: Remember some of us took a pay cut in order to go and serve our country. Please do not make assumptions about people.

[31/03, 11:51 am] +263 77 Paul Mavhima: Never ignored any case of abuse. You don’t understand the meaning of the process.

[31/03, 12:06 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you very much for your response.Greatly appreciated.

Did you respect me yourself now that you are expecting me to respect you.I wrote you about a student being raped on the the 28th of February 2018 and you ignored despite you seeing the message.

Now you have responded because ndazoitawo sebenzi like you .You only respond kana munhu azoita behaviour yechikudo .

You should have advised me that you have seen my message and you will be on it but you ignored only to respond after ndaita behaviour yechikudo meaning that’s the language you understand …civilised language you don’t understand typical of Africans that’s why I resort to that language now at times .It’s actually a technique to motivate the brain of a black person .I learnt kuti 95% of zimbabweans see your seriousness if you resort to uncivilised language which you have proved to be true as well.

I am not making any assumption about you.What I said about you is the truth of what happened since the 28th of February.I have been serving my country since 2005 with no pay .

May you please explain to me the process you are going through for the first rape case …you did not update me …..and the process you will go through for the abuse in class by the teacher …the second case on video.Your co operation will be greatly appreciated and you will never hear me using uncivilised language again as long as I am convinced you are ready and willing to do your job and save our children in schools from abusers masquerading as teachers.Your help and understanding of your job role as minister of primary and secondary education will be greatly appreciated .Thank you 👏🏽

[31/03, 12:12 pm] +263 77 Paul Mavhima: Who said you were ignored. There is the process and that issue is under consideration. By the way, you were only a third party to the issue. It came directly from.Binga. So please don’t present yourself as an authority I should report to. You are not.

[31/03, 12:18 pm] +263 77 Paul Mavhima: I have an obligation to the children and the parents and not to you.

[31/03, 12:24 pm] Sisi Vee: Kekekekekeke oh my God you dont know that you have a responsibility to respond to citizens too 😂😂 and you are a learned person kwaaaa .Who voted you to that position ..citizens ..and you are not obliged to respond to their concerns (but to take their votes only) kekekekeke zvimasewage leaders zvedu zvechibhoyi izvi .You have an obligation to respond to citizens’ concerns dude that’s why even the PM chaiye in Britain have measures in place to respond to citizens issues kwaaaa zvekuAfricasoka and apa its citizens who voted you to that position .Asi uri kufunga kuti you are a Zanupf minister of primary and secondary education.No wonder ndakushaudha …you a dumb arrogant idiot

[31/03, 12:28 pm] +263 77 Paul Mavhima: THANK you for the insults. Anyways nice talking with you madame perfect.

[31/03, 12:43 pm] Sisi Vee: 😂😂😂 You are most welcome learned fool who doesn’t even understand that you are answerable to all citizens as a national minister ..kekekekeke and to imagine that you have a university degree but you understand nothing about citizenship and good leadership boggles my mind 🙄

Please revisit your role as our leader in primary and secondary education.You are not only responsible for directly affected parents .You also have an obligation to work with concerned citizens and activists etc who are for the safety of children in our schools.

There are many zimbabwe citizens who now fear for their children and relatives in schools including myself so as minister leader ungati you have no obligation to us ?? Shame on you .

Zvinotosiririsa zviri kuAfrica .I suggest you get down the mango tree and start working with all citizens for the best in ours schools. You are not zanupf minister of primary and secondary education. Tsvagai mari kumwe not ikoko kupolitics where you are expected to lead well not zvesewage zvaunoita mumba mako . Thank you too.

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