[31/03, 10:22 am] Gr6 V4: Hi sis am currently staying in Beitbridge the issue of that child is but a grand tragedy yatova nemadays akavigwa last week if i am not mistaken. The couple with the diabolic dogs is said to be Zaoga church members. I fumed when my wife came home saying the couple (that owns the cannibalistic creatures) was thanking God about how the bereaved couple acknowledged the tragedy. Only to learn later that the entire blame is being put on the garden boy. Sad. I felt like the couple is heartless like hell itself. If the bereaved couple pardoned them and they glorified God, then why cant they stand by the garden boy and be realistic? Yes he might have been negligent, yeah, but who is the owner of the dogs? Now that the dogs ended up marauding the neighbourhood, who will accept that he had not warned or empasised to the poor garden boy on the virtue of closely monitoring the mad dogs? Some say the dogs were on their daily morning routine to relieve themselves somewhere outside the yard. Was it the garden boy’s initiative? Endless questions yet it remains a grand tragedy. May the precious little soul rest in eternal peace 😔

[31/03, 10:29 am] Sisi Vee: Hi hanzvadzi thank you so much.Hey the things people get away withka kuAfrica kwedu 🙄 That Zaoga couple should not have been keeping those dangerous dogs.No one should have forgiven them because next they will look for the same breed again dzouraya futi even mwana wawo.Kutaura kuno that Zaoga couple dai tiri kutotaura zvekuti vane court date after easter.They should be arrested zvekuti gargen boy azodii zvaazvimwe .

[31/03, 10:34 am] Gr6 V4: Aaah zvakatongooma hazvo sis. I felt extremely bad about it. I myself have a 3 years 8 months daughter. And i can see any area beyond the doorstep being unsafe.

For everyone else’s daughter, such scenarios don’t belong to this century never.

[31/03, 10:44 am] Sisi Vee: Taurai henyu .We dont think beyond ourselves and protecting everyone else .

[31/03 11:51 am] HRDV Sisi Vee 2: [30/03, 4:34 pm] April18: That girl was coming from school around 4pm and the dogs attacked her. She was attacked but not as described on the infor given on the group. She sustained a deep cut on the thigh as the dogs targeted her privates. The doctor who first attended her failed kumusona zviri ryt akasona ganda and bled badly inside pakasonwa. Another doctor then akazomududunura akamusona zvakare. She could not make it coz anga arasa ropa rakawandisa pakurumwa and as a result of this negligence by the doctor. The owner of the dogs akangopinda mu hospital once on the day rakafa mwana. The girl was buried last sunday.

[30/03, 4:39 pm] Sisi Vee: Maiwee thank you so much .Greatly appreciated.Did you witness any of the events you have described or makanzwa word of mouth

[30/03, 4:48 pm] April18: I attended the funeral on the day she died.

[30/03, 4:49 pm] Sisi Vee: Shame .mazvita