Opposition ZIPP presidential hopeful Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru alleged habitual fraudster in SA : Once locked up at Booysens police station.

Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru hit musvozimbabwe news headlines some days ago after allegations that he poisoned his wife Alexis and married her sister emerged.

The opposition party ZIPP president is back in the limelight again after a source contacted musvozimbabwe news and said,

“Hi. Thank you for the opportunity to write this truth and sensitive information about ZIPP Presidential candidate and his wife Thelma. Blessing was never a business man in South Africa .He is still a fraud star.

By the way, Alexis’ first car was a Toyota corolla 1.6, white in colour, yakatengwa pa auction. Then before Blessing bought bmw 5 series 535d, he ordered xc90 volvo, before her death.

Blessing used to buy houses in Albert , midrand, south crest using other people’s green book ID books, with Martin a white boy he used to use and manipulate lawyers to change ownership. He would renovate the house then sell it again. He was arrested together with Martin for R11m they were owing SARS, money laundering and fraud. His life went down to zero.

He uses a Ghanaian guy (Musa) to create fake bank statements. His offices are in Braamfontein in Johannesburg.

Alexis was very humble honest, highly spiritual, very gifted and blessed by Almighty God. When she met Blessing he took her to The African Apostolic Church (Chandimhara). Thelma then was involved with his young brother Malvern, whilst he was married and the relationship was too short because it was stressing Alexis a lot.
So she decided to do it behind her back all the time they met.

Blessing by then had multiple relationships cheating Alexis. He had Mpho she was working for Telkom, Monica she was working for Nedbank. He was officially married to Mpho, Monica, Zinzi, Thandeka and Alexis not counting other secret girlfriends aside. He has a son with Monica, 4 daughters with Zinzi and one among the daughters is a down syndrome child.

Alexis was once kidnapped by drug dealers gangsters for 48hrs they locked her in cottage in Fordsburg in Johannesburg because Blessing was owing them R25000. She was traumatised they threatened to rape her. He then (Blessing) calm her down by buying her the engagement ring.

He suddenly become a prophet of Chandimhara church and Thelma was a prophetess .After a few months they formed their own church spliting from Mufundisi Tshuma’s branch in Turfointen Johannesburg. Blessing promoted himself to become a Priest ( akatanga kufamba netsvimbo).He will travel all over looking for prophets in SADC to be given power to rule Zimbabwe.

He then met some ANC, EFF and one Zimbabwean professor who stays in Denfen four ways. That’s when all the evil started.

When he lounged his party the same night his deputy (Magaya’s young brother was involved in an accident he died on spot). William nevamwe zvave zvirema nanhasi from same accident. It’s not only Alexis whom they sacrificed.

Now my questions!!! why wakatanga kupfeka sikavha musi wafa Alexis?( its actually a snake he puts in his neck). Why usina kuendesa mukadzi to hospital iwe uine PhD. Why wakageza chitunha wega kumortuary yeku Randburg. Why everything was done by you and Thelma only. Why rufu rusina kuitirwa pamba pako, wakachemera mukadzi kumba kwemukwasha iwe unemba. Why if you are a Priest uine so many wives zvakanga zvisingazivikanwe naAlexis.

Why if uri muporofita usingaoni kuti mwana waThelma haasi mwana wako?Why Zinzi your wife is suffering so much with kids usinga vachengeti yet u need to be President. Ndinokupa 2 years munenge mopenga muri 2 murume nemukadzi.

Kune vanhu vese vakadya pfuma yaMichael (Alexis’s father) muchaona moto muchadura henyu.

Amai vaAlexis your life will change but when you are blessed take care of Malachi.

Vaporofita vako vakare nevanhasi varevi venhema vose ngavakuudze chokwadi, vanhu vebato rako hakude ndosaka vasinga kuudze chokwadi.

Hakuna munhu akamira pachokwadi chaJehovha anoita politics manyepo ose, bato rako harifi rakatonga Zimbabwe mukai kuhope baba muri kurota.

Kind Regards
Truth will set us free.” Said the source.

When sisi Vee asked for the number Kasiyamhuru used to use in South Africa , the source said he used to change numbers like underwears.

[24/03, 6:47 pm] ZIPP ‪Source: Blessing was locked paBooysens police station

[24/03, 6:48 pm] Sisi Vee: Do you have SA number yake yaishandisa

[24/03, 6:49 pm] ZIPP ‪Source: Yes I do, but he used to change numbers like underwears.

“Why a fraudster wants to be our president really fits well with the calibre of sewage leaders we have . We have become a nation of sewage doctors too…and some people vote for the crooking liars. Shame ” Said sisi Vee.

These developments come after sisi Vee had the discussion below with an extremely tolerant ZIPP supporter last week , wondering where Kasiyamhuru was getting the finances for his political project.

[16/03, 11:20 pm] Cover D0a2ki ZIPP: Oooooh she died last year and Blessing akatora Thelma in this short period here veduwe its sad sure kana zviriizvo.

[16/03, 11:23 pm] Sisi Vee: Ehe looks she died end of 2016.I think vagara vaidanana

[16/03, 11:25 pm] Cover D0a2ki ZIPP: True,ko funding where is this young man getting the money?

[16/03, 11:48 pm] Sisi Vee: Funding I have no idea.maybe its his personal savings

[17/03, 4:55 am] Cover D0a2ki ZIPP: Okay, Thank you


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