The rapist is said to be a well known womaniser too.

When approached by sisi Vee for clari fication the man was abusive and threatened to deal with her.

[12/03, 4:53 pm] Onesimo Ushendibaba: Machende ambuya vako

[12/03, 4:55 pm] Sisi Vee: Waguta kunyarwa Onesimo Ushendibaba mwana wehure

[12/03, 4:58 pm] Onesimo Ushendibaba: Urimatuzvi embudzi chaiwo

[12/03, 4:58 pm] Sisi Vee: Harinyari basa kubata vakadzi rape

[12/03, 4:59 pm] Onesimo Ushendibaba: Beche rako Violet Makunike

[12/03, 5:00 pm] Onesimo Ushendibaba: Rinemazino

[12/03, 5:03 pm] Onesimo Ushendibaba Mkosho wako Violet

[12/03, 5:19 pm] Sisi Vee: Zanupf rapist

[12/03, 5:21 pm] Sisi Vee: Hauna kungwara zimbwa rezanu kusanyara murume mukuru kubata vana .

[12/03, 5:21 pm] :Onesimo Ushendibaba: I want to take you by surprise…….

[12/03, 5:22 pm] :Onesimo Ushendibaba: Wakaziva mboro too early l wana teach u a lesson not zvemafunnies izvo

[12/03, 5:22 pm] Onesimo Ushendibaba: Wakajaidzwa watch the space….am coming for u topedzerana

Writing to sisi Vee a source said ,

Onesimo gave two form 3 students a lift after which he lied to them that his car had run out of fuel.He stopped the car and forced himself on one of the girls .While he was raping her the other girl ran away and alerted people who were in the vicinity.

They struggled to do a citizen’s arrest after which he overpowered them and managed to escape.

Efforts to get him arrested are failing as he seems to be using a different car .If anyone knows where he is staying can you please advise .