“On behalf of Musvo Zimbabwe News , our readers , well wishers and supporters I would like to take this sad moment on the 14th day of February 2018 to thank God for the political opposition hero Morgan Tsvangirai’s life.May his precious soul rest in peace.

This is a man who fought the greatest fight against Zanupf .Gone so young .I have never shed tears of pain over the death of a politician but receiving the death of Morgan Tsvangirai just broke me down. May your dear soul rest in peace Tsvangirai.

It is also very heartbreaking that he had to go leaving the party in a bad state. Really sad .My wish was to see him resolve the chaos in the party before it was too late as I always posted. Really heartbreaking he had to depart so soon in the midst of a political crisis in MDC-T .I pray peace and love will prevail in the party .I pray those at the top will not continue to fight for power but will continue to fight for a better Zimbabwe.

Only a few days ago I wrote wondering how Tsvangirai can be thanked for politically inspiring many Zimbabwe voices chando chisati chauya but it was too late for him.

I pray the end of his life will not spell the end of MDC-T but that those remaining will continue to fight for the political cause that was so dear to his heart.

Go well Morgan Tsvangirai and thank you for all the unwavering effort for a better Zimbabwe. You inspired many souls including myself to struggle for a better Zimbabwe.

May his family be comforted by God’s grace .May peace prevail in the family .May the brother close his mouth to the media and to Mawere. Kufumura hapwa murume mukuru .It was so disturbing to see him talking about personal family matters in a video. Please God close his lips .I was about to comment on the video when I received the sad news about Tsvangirai’s departure .So sad.

Rest in Peace Tsvangirai.You will always be remembered as the greatest hero of opposition politics many have lived to see.” Said sisi Vee.

Meanwhile MDC-T supporters today had to break for acting vice president Chamisa to get out to the verandah roof to address the crowd  as the doorway was too packed.

VIDEO : Tsvangirai’s brother interview