[17/02, 1:17 pm] Gr5 : Hello Sisi

[17/02, 2:11 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello love muri sei.nematambudziko

[17/02, 2:41 pm] Gr5 : Zvakaoma shuwa. I wish MDC wld just unite and have one agenda so that Tsvangirai’s fight wouldn’t be in vain moziva? The way people are mourning him shows how his support was underestimated. MDC shld seize this opportunity and unite.

[17/02, 2:47 pm] Sisi Vee: Taurai henyu but iye Tsvangirai ndiye honzeri who ‘disunted’ the party.I don’t see anyone in the party managing to unite the party .They are just too power hungry. Vamwe vari kuchema itype dzakaita seni who support his struggle against zanupf but dont support MDCT .Kozotiwo vamwe macrocodile tears who believe in the wafa wanaka mantra etc

[17/02, 2:51 pm] Gr5
: Zvakaoma sisi. Now they are busy exposing personal issues but one wonders why

[17/02, 2:53 pm] Sisi Vee: Imagine .That’s how cowards behave .They challenge zvitunha

[17/02, 3:21 pm] Gr5 : SHOKING REVELATIONS BUT REALITY. “Morgan Richard Tswangirayi was HIV POSITIVE.” A female doctor at a Johannesburg Clinic where Tswangirayi first went for tests to ascertain the extent of his Colon Cancer claims that the Blood tests revealed that Tswangirayi was HIV POSITIVE. However, he had an advanced Colon Cancer of the big intestines which interfered with his digestive system. The doctors then revealed his HIV Status to him privately and promised not to disclose it to the public without his consent since he was a prominent public figure. The doctors also told him that he had been HIV Positive for some time at least, but the Status had not broken into “Full blown AIDS” because his eating and living habits were “normal.” The female doctor is speaking on condition of anonymity because of her code of secrecy in her profession. “I am saying this now because Mr. TSWANGIRAYI is now dead and I cannot keep this anymore secret because of my ethics and morals”. She also added that: “There are hundreds of people who have been diagnosed with and have been operated with Colon Cancer but have have successfully recovered and survived. But Mr. Tswangirayi’s case is unique in that in spite of undergoing the operation successfully and on top of that he went through several sessions of chemotherapy, but never recovered.” This is the case with everyone who is HIV positive. Once POSITIVE and you catch another chronic ailment such as Cancer, you can do whatever you want but you will never recover and survive. HIV stands for HUMAN IMMUNE SYSTEM DEFICIENCY VIRUS. The way Tswangirayi was “wasted away and emaciated” are typical symptoms of someone who is HIV POSITIVE and has developed FULL BLOWN AIDS. Tswangirayi has an estimated 35 children with 7 women. This number includes the child he had with a 19 year old Bulawayo girl soon after the death of his wife Susan in a car accident along the Harare Beitbridge highway.

[17/02, 3:21 pm] Gr5 : Is this even legal? Such revelations???

[17/02, 6:04 pm] Sisi Vee: Kekekekeke however sounding like an angry tribalist . Ehe airwara too .I wrote many stories about it madays eopen zip policy aya achiramba kutoresa mwana wake wekuBulawayo birth .

[17/02, 6:23 pm]Gr5 : Ok l was not yet in the group then

[17/02, 6:54 pm] Gr5 : Mai VaTsvangirai vaakurasika papi nhai????

[17/02, 6:54 pm] Sisi Vee: 😂😂😂
Kushandiswa nemazanu

[17/02, 6:57 pm]Gr5 : Haaaa nhai henyu imi?
Coz if indeed Chamisa and Lizzy were doing something they shld prove it first. Zimkoma racho ndiro rakakonzeresa mukutaura painterview kwarisina kuswera. They are playing into ZANU hands haaaaa imbwa idzi

[17/02, 7:14 pm] Sisi Vee: Kekekekeke ehe hariiti randaiti please God close his lips

[17/02, 7:16 pm] Gr5 : Ehe iroro shuwa

[17/02, 7:18 pm] Gr5: Do they even have proof yekuve muHarare at the time or was she nude or na Chamisa wacho???

[17/02, 7:28 pm] Sisi Vee: Hapana kana proof kekekekeke vanhu vakuru vanonyeperwa zvese zvese

[17/02, 7:29 pm] Gr5 : Zvakaoma.