“I am witnessing women abuse on Mandla Calvin Gumbo’s facebook page …and guess what ? It seems he has more women fans than men. The women are just too stupid to even understand the most basic notion of women abuse.More so deliberately taking advantage of stupid people is obviously wrong.This is what the fake prophets do as well .Taking advantage of stupid women to pursue their satanic goals.

This is a pyschologically deranged man who takes advantage of the stupidity of the women he is abusing ….both the strippers and the women followers .This is also a man who most likely needs psychological help but I see people applauding him for making a fool of himself? Who in their right senses allows men and women to strip for him and his followers live on facebook ? Of course the strippers are mentally unstable too but what about the followers who support and applaud such kind of disgusting behaviour. Are you retards too? Has any of you challenged him?

Shockingly some women actually go live on his page with their young children .I definitely don’t understand the mental capacity of these women.Seriously.

Right . You log on to facebook and then search Mandla Calvin Gumbo .You then scroll down for his live videos and then start enyoying the abuse he is perpetrating on other women live on facebook….and you tell me you are using your brain to think and not your buttocks ?.

Does anyone know where he works in Indiana USA ? Maybe his employer can stop him from abusing women.

Allowing women to undress on his facebook live is not only gender cruelty .It is also acute disrespect of women.Would he allow his mother or sister to undress for any man on facebook live? If he does then he should be in a zoo .

This is the type of man who can even rape children.

To the stupid women who find Mandla’s antics funny as he degrades you on his page live , your reasoning capacity is below that of a house fly .Shame ” Said sisi Vee.




Video : Mandla Calvin Gumbo .Have shared a lot about him.He is in the USA .He identified a problem and realised that some Zimbabweans enjoy listening to nonsense .

So he is now a celebrity with many Zimbabwean sitholes who waste a lot of time and energy and other resources on his page following the nonsense.By dishing out his nonsense in his live videos he realised he can be a somebody amongst Zimbabweans. Women are even bringing their children live on facebook to watch their iconic role model.Shame.

We have become a nation of sewage leaders,sewage people ,sewage minds …and as I type children are starving but we are busy following nyaya dzemachende on facebook…and we get angry when Trump says we are sithole nations.Kutadzisa kuitisa mwana homework muchimuendesa koona benzi pafacebook. Pedzezvo zvozi Madhla pane mwana dont say this. Why are you subjecting yourself nemwana to the nonsense in the first place.Swerere kuzwa nyaya dzemachende.More so he is in the states motambisirwa nguva by anhu ari kutsvaga mbiri yetsvina apa mwana is supposed to rewrite English. Shame stereki .Use your time wisely .Time lost is never gained .” Said sisi Vee