Mnangagwa gives coup plotters high posts in his government.

“Moyo was inaugurated today as minister of  Foreign Affairs in the Mnangagwa government .So if you still believe these guys brought freedom to us ndopatichaona kuti dzungu hakusi kungwara . Zimbabwe is obviously now under military rule .Muchamufunga Matibili wemakadzingisa sembwa yapinda mukitchen kuti vapinde ivo nepfuti dzedu.” Said sisi Vee

Meanwhile the zanupf family members form a large part of the Mnangagwa corrupt circle.


Are you sure, the new coup president has thieves and thugs for advisors?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The new President has surrounded himself with old and new thieves.

His minister of youth Sithembiso was born on 29 September in 1949 just after WW2. He has only three women in cabinet (Oppah 1958, Sithembiso & Mupfumira 19) The total number of ministers representing the youthful 70% of population is zero.

Instead of worrying about the welfare of the country, Mnangagwa who claims to be and celebrated as ‘a new era, a new Zimbabwe’ appoints his crooked, violent and thieving loyalists as ministers. Chinamasa, a Mugabe loyalist who in April 2010 told BBC Hardtalk that he has no conscience is re appointed as finance minister. Chinamasa is widely known in business circles for asking for cattle as bribes is more incompetent than he is foolish. Chinamasa’s wife heads the Tobacco Board.

Mutsvangwa is the new propaganda chief. He earned it by attacking Mugabe and singing for supper. His wife Monica Mutsvangwa , Mnangagwa’s girlfriend is now also a minister. This appointment is Mnangagwa’s cover to retain his wife in parliament. The word is dynasty, in their circles, power is sexually transmitted.

Ziyambi Ziyambi’s wife Florence is the Deputy Prosecutor General, while Obert Mpofu appointed Mary Chiwenga to the Special Economic Zones Board.

New minister of Foreign Affairs Sibusiso Moyo’s wife Loice is a High Court judge destined for immediate promotion.

Terence Mukupe, the deputy finance minister is a petty thief who owes money to half of Harare, he attempted to buy Mpofu’s ZABG by defrauding several investors.

Midlands minister Owen Ncube is a renowned murderer who manages Mnangagwa’s gold panning empire, collecting and selling gold, paying panners a stipend.

July Moyo, a key advisor is the looter-in-chief of companies owned by ZANU PF and some parastatals including NSSA using a law firm based at Eastgate in Harare, whose key partners are already promising western embassies lucrative contracts if Work is channeled via them.

Perence Shiri has been demoted to some funny ministry from his powerful AirForce job to make way for someone more pliable to Chiwenga while also being loyal to Mnangagwa. It must be remembered that certain elements loyal to ED tried to kill Shiri by posting snippers on his way to his very productive Matepatepa estate.

Bonyongwe, Nhepera, Nyikayaramba, Chihuri are on their way out Maj Gen Trust Mugova replaces Chihuri in the coming weeks.

Sibusiso Moyo is Chiwenga’s eyes and ears in Cabinet and in gvt.

Codes and friends, Mnangagwa’s Cabinet is full of Mugabe’s people, it is full of ZANU PF people. Ladies and gentlemen, the new president has surrounded himself with old and new thieves. Ladies and Gentlemen, Cde and friends, Mnangagwa is about to molest us for another 37years, as Cde Malema would say, “molest us without a Vaseline”.

Ladies and Gentlemen you are now living under a military government. Find the military face at your local roadblock, clinic, hospital market. Those are your new rulers until you wake up.

Source : #NotYetUhuru Ndaba Nhuku.