[15/11 8:44 am] Cover H0a65: Hanzi the thug is back I don’t know how far true is that

[15/11 8:49 am] Cover H0a65: I don’t know why people are happy ,they think things will change ,but truly speaking its just a ZANU mafia family fighting for control amongst them selves. Babamukuru na babamunini fighting for control of the family .

Power from one greedy thug to another nothing will positively change economically or social.

[15/11 8:51 am] Sisi Vee: I totally agree with you…maybe kungoti Mugabe abve naDisgrace otherwise its still same devils or even worse …we need to remove them all

[15/11 8:57 am] Cover H0a65: Yaaaah something has to be done before its too late ,because who knows the next ZANU thug in charge myt be worse than grandpa

[15/11 9:15 am] Cover H0a65: Presidential guard was withdrawn last night then Chihuri tried to send support unit to guard bob and the offices, those were the gunshots people heard.
Chihuri and his deputy were put under house arrest then they just got arrested proper
But Mnangagwa is back
They are gonna try force Bob to resign, if he refuses they keep him under house arrest till congress then vote him out

[15/11 4:13 pm] Cover H0a65: Sis I have it on good authority that Mujuru is going to be VP once again .

[15/11 4:17 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much hanzvadzi ??