Robert Mugabe and Grace Mugabe seen here looking stressed with the happenings leading to  their downfall.Grace looks very humble while Mugabe appears to be sleeping.How life changes.

Some Zimbabweans including police officers could not wait and started removing Mugabe’s portraits from their walls.

Commenting on the image of a police officer dumping the portrait sisi Vee said,

?? “On the police .Always remember that some of them were bullying and terrorising us under Mugabe and I would call them Zanupf police .Since we are still under zanupf rule chances are they will still do the same just like the soldiers.The struggle that Chiwenga won was not a struggle to free us from the ruthless zanupf thugs and thieves.It was a struggle to bring back Chiwenga’s personal and business ally Mnangagwa into power .He only won because he used our guns .” Said sisi Vee

Meanwhile a video showing some Zimbabweans removing Mugabe’s portrait from a hotel has gone viral. Commenting on the video sisi Vee said,

?? Desist from Baboon Activism fellow Zimbabweans.

Hoping you are all doing ndizvowo. All non government offices or companies that are still hanging Mugabe’s portrait will remove the portraits when the right time comes.

Why not just forcibly remove from government offices if you have run out of patience, unless it is a publicity stunt.

Firstly, removing Mugabe’s portraits from hotels should never be your struggle unless you have no bigger struggles.

Secondly, those portraits were officially mounted by those companies such as hotels and will be officially unmounted . Why anyone would tresspass and engage in vandalism in company buildings boggles my mind.

Thirdly, some individuals not hotels can actually decide to keep the portraits as part of their museum collection and you are forcing them not to do so because you instilling fear in those in possession of the portrait.

4. In any struggle we need to know what our struggle is about or else we lose the plot.

*I think Activism should not be about being barbaric when it is not called for * Said sisi Vee