” On facebook commenting on the story of a teacher Mr Mukamba raping a form 3 student at Ruwangwe attached is what they said and we expect zanupf to go and our nation to prosper when 85% of the population are mentally sick .Dream on.We need to ensure the psychos are treated first.” Said sisi Vee

*Improper* * *Association* *Again*

Sex Drama has again unfolded at Ruwangwe Day as a a Maths teacher by the name Mr Mukamba was found having sex with Progress Maranda a form 3 pupil at his house on Sartuday 7 September in the afternoon. It has been confirmed that Mukamba collected her student-cum-lover who resides at ZRP Ruwangwe using his car and brought him to his homestead where they had a sexual act. Mai Marufu who stays with Progress and also works in Chitowa Supermarket in Ruwangwe was informed by eyewitnesses that her daughter is being taught naked arithmetics and sex geometry of the “new curriculum” in the teacher’s house. She became furious and stormed the house which is just a stone throw away from her workplace. She peeped through the window and was perplexed to see her daughter screaming and groaning with pleasure as they were enjoying each other’s reproductive organs.

Their ‘honeymoon’ was interrupted as Mrs Marufu shouted for her daughter to come out and the girl was told to exit using the other door that leads to Pastor Gurure’s rooms. It is alleged that Mr Mkamba aplogised to Mrs Marufu for bonking her daughter and that he was ready to pay a sum to compansate for his action and to save his job. The case was the reported to the Head Mr Bamusi who must have given his male teachers an overdose of Afrodisiac or concentrated Viagra.

Mr Bamusi is now working tirelessy with his fellow administrators to kill the story and save his friend’s job. They are using Miss Chidhindi who is now begging the girl to deny the case so that the teacher may not be found guilty.

Progress has been told to change the truthful information that she first gave and rewrite investigation reports. Liberty Chikukwa, who is also a student admitted playing the role of a linkman and transmitter of ‘love signal’ between the two lovers. Mai Gurure has also confirmed that the girl exited the teacher’s house using the other door that leads to her room. Progress is said to have collapsed and fainted on Thursday the 12th of September after a long closed-door meeting with miss Chidhindi. She was admitted at Elim Mission Hospital.

However, the issue has been reported to the DSI, Provincial Education Director and the Girl Child Network who haven’t responded to the case.This is a 3rd case of improper association taking place at the same school within half a year and no action is being taken.

For more information contact:
Mr Bamusi: 0774412007
Mr Jarawaza: 0774130340
Miss Chidhindi: 0776942396