Said to be a Zimbabwean student in China .

The Zimbabwe student is known as Nonsi in China .He is well known for frequenting clubs in China.In the 9sec footage from a source the man is seen stealing a bottle from what looks like a table or waiter trolley.

Talking to sisi Vee a source said  he stole that wine/ whisky. Didn’t know he was being watched via CCTV. So they made him drink the whole bottle as punishment.

“Kunyadzisa kwazvo.He has been so lucky to leave Zimbabwe and of all the things he shoplifts intoxicating liquids.Mapudzi anowira kusina hari idi.Tsve kufunga kuti zanu toibvisa sei waakuba doro .Why not shoplift food if you are really struggling?

VIDEO 1 in Club