The habitual con artist and Magaya’s  ex-head usher Cathrine  Nyangoni  has been accused of  misappropriating church funds and other thieving.

Once US based prophet Magaya’s exhead usher Catherine Nyangoni,maiden name  Catherine  Rushesha is said to be on the run after  conning many Zimbabweans .Catherine who trained as a teacher in Zimbabwe and as a nurse in the US is not new to con artistry after having disappeared from Magaya’s church amid accusations that she failed to account for US$ 800 000 .This is according to the information she shared with sisi Vee.

As if that is not enough,Catherine who left the USA under mysterious circumstances is said to have been driving a stolen car and also conned her death in the states.

“She conned a business partner who she worked with for their taxes business US$150 000.She then left America in a huff and went back to Zimbabwe.When she got to Zimbabwe, fearing that the FBI can track her down she sold her house and went to South Africa” Said a source.

In South Africa she engaged in dirty deals with some guys and one of their deals backfired.She lost her mercedes benz and cash.She went back to Zimbabwe penniless and was struggling to make ends meet .She was almost homeless until a friend came to help.

“She begged me ndikamunzwira tsitsi  ndikati  chigara  mumba mangu kuVainona  mahara uchichengeta zvinhu zvangu.  I told Catherine  to use  5 rooms only and  the other 3 rooms had my stuff locked in there.

Offer was she only pays the garden boy and maintain the yard  for a year .

Ndikati chigara shamwari  uchibatanidza zvinhu zvako for a year .

Lease  ndikatomupa ndikamutumira mari  via Western  union  to buy borehole  tank,install borehole  and renovate garage  and house.Hapana zvaakaita  akadya mari .Akatanga ka business  kamonzi  Virtual Mall iye na pastor  Max vekwaMagaya  akabhagura vanhu hobho  zvikarova zvakadaro.Akabhagura  business man Mosley  Rushesha  brother  yake  10000 Rands namanje hazvitaudzane. akatanga kubhagura Sam Chibaya  we Sam limousine  .He shipped her staff from Dallas USA akaramba kubhandara zvasvika.

Garden boy  anga aripo  vabva vapinzana mukiii .Anobva kwamarange kumadiamonds uko. She used mukoma  iyeye  kunotora madiamonds  kwaMarange  .Mukomana uyu aitoenda kwaMarange  na Timothy  Nyangoni  murume wa Catherine.

Mukomana uyu akanditaurira   kuti mhamha Catherine akatora madiamonds ehama dzangu kumusha  achiti anoziya munhu  anotenga  asi nanhasi hapana chati chabuda . Ndakabva ndamudzinga  coz akanditaurira  because  akaridzwa , dai asina kubagurwa ainditaurira here

Cathrine continued to stay  at my house. nemurume wake ne vana 2. (Tulane na Stacey ). Ndoopaakatanga  kungopromotwa  promotwa  naMagaya. She was heavily involved  nekuchurch kwaMagaya.

Ndakamutumira mari yakawanda  yeborehole renovation , fridge ,stove etc total 5750 Usd.

Saka akatanga kungotsvedza  pafone  ndikataura sisi  vangu kuno cheka kumba kwangu. .vakawana ariko. Sisi noticed kuti tank remvura hapasisina. ..vakamuvhunza  zvikanzi rakainda kunogadziriswa rakatsemuka  last week. .sisi vakati rinogotsemuka last week how  the tank was so big. And very new Mahombe aya that’s wen sisi suggested we kick her out.

We learnt kuti hapana zvaakatenga nemari yangu. .sisi give her  3 days to move out. those three  days  she stole  my staff  ..lots of stuff   hanzi combi yakauya  katatu  ichitora zvinhu.

Shelving nema factory baskets  over 20 wakapa munin’ina wake  ari ku Eastgate. I had a shop kumusha  saka payakavhara  all the steel shelving  came kumba.

She trainned as a teacher  at Belvedere  teachers college  1984 to 1987

She was called Cathrine  Rushesha.

She left for the States  iye nevana.

She  returned to zim asina chinhu  something terrible  must have happened.

She had no where to live

She was of no fixed aboard.

I took her in for free.

She stole  from me

5000 plus,

Borehole  tank

Factory  baskets

Steel shelvings.

She  crooked  the garden boy to source  diamonds in marange.

The same diamonds she planted  on Chipo Chakanyuka , the girl who was impregnated by Magaya.

She crooked  many many pipol  through  a pyramid scheme   called virtual mall. mention virtual mall  saga  everyone  knows that in harare. She did that together  with pastor Marx wekwamagaya. …pastor Marx uyu ndiye akamuhuka kwa Magaya. ..she was living pamba pangu  a chiita izvi. ” Wrote a victim.

Speaking to sisi Vee Catherine said she did not con anyone .


[27/01 5:45 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello sisi Catherine how are you.It’s sisi Vee I write stories.I got information saying you con , fraud and crook people .Not sure if you have heard of the accusations before.Your response will be greatly appreciated.

[27/01 5:50 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Hi Sisi Vee. I trust I find u well. I am gud. Thats not much of an intro dear. You write stories for who? And who says I con, fraud and crook pipo? I have not heard about it. R they saying I do that for a career? Very interesting. Who is accusing me?

[27/01 5:53 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you so much for your polite response sisi.I write for myself and share on the internet . One of the accusers is a woman in the US .Let me forward you her messages

[27/01 5:57 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Thank you. Looks like a long one. Lemme read

[27/01 5:58 pm] Sisi Vee: Yes it is .Ok sisi take your time.

[27/01 6:02 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: ??????????????????????????? ayaaas. Vee I dont think I have much or anything to say. Number waiwanepi nhai Vee? Just curious.

[27/01 7:14 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you so much sisi.I just source numbers but honestly I don’t even know 99% of the sources .The one who gave me your number uses a Botswana code ?

[27/01 7:15 pm] Sisi Vee: If you give me your side of the story I will greatly appreciate sisi.

[27/01 7:21 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: ?????

[27/01 7:21 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Gimme few mins. Just finishing off kubika.

[27/01 7:25 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi take your time thank you so much for your politeness .I was actually told you are very rude and arrogant so I greatly appreciate how you have handled this.Enjoy your cooking ?

[27/01 7:35 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: ?????????

[27/01 7:35 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Later.

[27/01 9:08 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Hey Vee m back. M thinking you are mfana to me hence I dropped Sisi  hope its no problem.

[27/01 9:10 pm] Sisi Vee: Kekekekeke no problem at all sisi

[27/01 9:12 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: I do understand you wanna do your job here but having looked at this long hard I feel like nomatter how much I might want to scream silence would be the loudest scream. I do believe silence dies speak louder when words really can’t but I will allow you to reread this and let you be the judge. M not much of a social media person myself so u actually brought it to my attention.

[27/01 9:12 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: *your job

[27/01 9:18 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: I wanna  thank you for an objective and journalistic approach to this issue for you have proved true my belief that one shud never judge someone’s character based on the words of another. Instead,  study the motives behind the words of the person casting the bad judgement. I wish all people would not be so quick to see what is wrong only and criticize blindly but see what is wrong, see why, who and what is behind what is wrong. Other than that am very much in Zimbabwe and have never run away but have been an economic refugee like most Zimbos for I am wise enough to know one can never run away from the long arm of the law. I have actually said way more than I intended and very much against what my initial response was to be-silence.  And very much against the advice of trusted, loving and well meaning friends and family. If her intentions are for the good of other people who may be conned, good citizen!! These are the people our country needs and God loves them. Whoever has been conned, robbed or defrauded is free to take the correct measure of involving the police.  Why does she not also attach the Hmetro article in case I missed it. Ivwud love to see it.  I can only say the writer’s piece is riddled with untruths and inconsistencies are staring you in the face and which  which I can all prove but I choose not to. I am not going to say anything about this now or in the near or far future except that how beautiful it is to keep silent when someone is expecting you to be enraged. I smile at this and appreciate my offender for this for it teaches me forgiveness,  tolerance and patience. Again Vee, you be the judge. Thank you and keep well.

[27/01 9:20 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: But honestly off the record did I across as rude to you. Ayaaas. Dont always listen to what people hve to say. M gonna be offline for a bit dauggter wants to research something on net.

[27/01 9:38 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you so much sisi .Greatly appreciated.No you did not come across to me as rude .I’m not sure though why some people who at times I even read their communication being rude to the complainant will never be rude to me .

I think at times some fear being published , at times some also respect my  approach, at times some are  misjudged yet they are not rude or arrogant and times some are rude to the complainant only and not to everyone else.

Thank you so much for your responses and time sisi and for being so polite once again .Keep well too sisi

[10/02 6:17 pm] Sisi Vee: Hello sisi long time muri sei

[11/02 7:12 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Hey Vee. How are you? I am very well dear just fed up wth the rains here yatanga futi and very heavy again hence I had an unusually early night yesterday and had fone off. I am only seeing msg now. Funny that I actually wanted to chk in on you past few days but hesitated coz I thought unoti aaagh ngavandisiye ndaiita zvebasa ini chete ?. I guess I misread you. My apologies. Long time indeed. Zviri sei ikoko? You guys always hv it better nyangwe zviome sei kikkkk. Take care n thnks for chking on me.

[11/02 10:12 am] Sisi Vee: Kekekekekeke ohhh noo I believe in healthy relationships too. Heyy the rain has really gotten out of hand now.Good to know you are doing alright.Yes here it is always better .

[11/02 10:15 am] Sisi Vee: A few days ago a certain ‘girl’ wrote me saying she wanted to open up about prophet Magaya .In the discussion she then mentioned your name saying you know about the issues she had raised .So I thought of asking  if you know anything .let me send you her messages

[11/02 10:25 am] Sisi Vee: Is it true that you just disappeared from the church sisi ?

[11/02 10:30 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: ?????????

[11/02 10:31 am] Sisi Vee: Kekekekekeke you never open up sisi .You always laugh

[11/02 10:38 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Aaagh Vee. Ma1. Yes I did but its a long story. In their eyes I just disappeared but to me it was a long time coming. What makes me mad about these pipo is that the claim to want to expose him yet havana mafacts at the end of the day Vee rhey end up sounded like someone ari bitter over something. U may not believe this but do u know after leaving at one  time I was so desperate to tell my side of the story after they had started telling pipo I stole mney n left. I did not and it made me soooooooi livid but I also realised tht it was the best thing for them to do at the time.  I cudnt get anyone and didnt know about u then. Here hakuna kana wandaigona kutemba coz 102% of them are paid.

[11/02 10:39 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Saka that writer Vee hasnt said anything really. Kikkkkk

[11/02 10:48 am] Sisi Vee: Kekekekeke I hear you sisi.Thank you.I would really appreciate if you share your side .You dont want people to be looking at you and thinking makaba imi musina

[11/02 10:54 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Thats what the whole brain bleached congregation believes and I hv gotten to a point where I had stopped caring though it hurts. If u chk out my pro pic it tells what drives me everyday. I happen to be a very principled person and it takes a very strong willed and equally principled person to understand and tolerate me and believe me very few do. It really doesnt bother me tho. I will read again the girl’s pce and get back to u. Aftee I chatted wth u the last time I felt I needed to talk ti u in person and prayed that I be able to visit UK in d near future. I felt like I wudnt trust any other means of communication but I seel myself opening up more.

[11/02 11:02 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Aaaagh pakaipa. These Zim women are selfish.  Uchiona achidai she is fighting a personal battle not standing up for others or anything. It baffles me. Ipapa dhuze achiriko soo as we speak. What meeting wth her father?

[11/02 11:05 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: After leaving I managed to write one of the close ladies akanga audza vanhu kuti Mai Nya left coz vakaba and she hadnt attemped to hire some Zanu Pf women to come and beat me up on that account. The ladies told me and igave it to her big time ?????.  Will send u.

[11/02 11:05 am] Sisi Vee: Hezvo kekekekeke ok sisi

[11/02 11:06 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: *she had attempted

[11/02 11:10 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Ndaverenga ???

[11/02 11:11 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Hanziiko?????????

[11/02 11:25 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Can u blv ti authenticate their claim I was reliably informed in JULY they had doctored a video that was going to be aired in church on YadahTv with witnesses claiming they know how I stole the money. They stopped it that very morning. I was notified after some mnths by an insider who knows the truth. I have never been soo hurt. But kubvawo ipapo I realised His word that says “I fight your battles” is faithful.

[11/02 11:26 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: M still looking for the letrer. It can answer most of your questions

[11/02 11:27 am] Sisi Vee: Ok so they had planned to lie about you on video?ok that will be great sisi to read the letter.Did you have access to the money?

[11/02 11:29 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Money that will hve been handed to u for a particular purpose so at the end of it you give an account thats y hw stopped them last minutw vakaona kuti it cudn’t hold any water.

[11/02 11:31 am] Sisi Vee: Ok I hear you .So they handed you money for particular purposes?

[11/02 11:31 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Yes.

[11/02 11:32 am] Sisi Vee: Ok .How much are they talking about?

[11/02 11:33 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: But at the end of the day hanzi ndakaba 800k or thereabouts. This however never officially came out the Prophets mouth to me. It was all nyaya from people.

[11/02 11:34 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Amd that I stole this mney even after he had bought a house for me.? what house?

[11/02 11:39 am] Sisi Vee: Iii people can really cook stories .If you can send me the letter I will greatly appreciate sisi

[11/02 11:39 am] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: K.

[11/02 11:42 am] Sisi Vee: Thank you so much sisi .I greatly appreciate

[11/02 12:15 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni:

Ms Nyarai Chasi,

PHD Ministries



I greet you in the Mighty Name of our true Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I do pray that as you read this today and over and over later, you shall do so with the intent to understand my standpoint and not the intent to reply as the latter will probably just get you into defensive mode.  It is with immense mixed emotions that I write this to you. Its joy, sadness, pain and pity.  Because I am human,  the natural thing to do could have been to react rather than respond. But I have JOY because I quickly came to my senses and realised it was in keeping with human nature to react, not the nature of Christ which is to respond. I pray you get the difference between the two. Sadness because i could not believe that as a leader in church (or are you yet?) you seem to derive pleasure from unjustifiably slandering me. The painful part is not on me because trust me it takes a lot to get that emotion in me going but you hurt my family and loved ones unnecessarily. It’s also sad though that because of malice, you are not interested in facts but you are just interested in inflicting pain with your  behaviour.  You very well know the charges are patently false but you only seek to hurt, tear up and disenfranchise and defame me. You are yet to find out that I am made of tougher stuff than that and will fight to the end to protect my seemingly penniless name. Lastly PITY  because you seem not to have learnt anything from your last sadly very embarrassing incident where and when the Man of God blatantly told you “you are destroying the church” because of running your mouth. In Shona his words through Go go to you were, “Nyarai waparadza church.” This, you realised, was very true but you decided to act like it was a painful and false accusation by throwing an attention seeking tantrum. It would be a great idea, if I were you, to use every moment you spend working with the Man of God to enhance your character. I did. Which is why I am able to write such a sober message to you. I thank God for that. It does not,  however, stop me from pressing criminal charges and legal proceedings against you. Even the Bible says so.

As usual, you may want to pretend not to know what I am talking about. But I am sure by now the very same people you slandered me to gave you back the reply I gave them which I would not hesitate to repeat to you over and over but it then does not set me apart from your kind. It’s sad that at the time I answered them I allowed that human nature to take over and did not stop to ask God how He expects me to respond  when falsely accused.

Firstly, I believe you said the following to some people who were also at liberty to tell anyone who could listen:

-that you wished to hire them and some other thugs to come and beat me up (very criminal act and unbecoming of a christian last time I checked) as you were very angry at the following that I had done to Prophet:

-that I was conniving with ladies within and outside the ministry to lay false charges (sexual) against the Prophet just to destroy him and the ministry.

-that I went to His Excellency to report Prophet to him and ask the authorities to arrest Prophet?. Hindava muchizvifadza nenhema imi all the time? All of you there always seem to want to pacify yourselves with lies. Why?

-that I stole a large unspecified amount of money from the Prophet/Ministry hence my impromptu departure. It was improptu in your eyes and not mine.

-that I was very ungrateful to have stolen and just left like that especially after all that the Prophet had done for me on top of buying me the house that I live in ?.

-that u believe i have all along been using juju on Prophet. You have noticed the Prophet wud have loved for me to be back there if he could have it his way but that you are praying fervently for that not to happen and you have a team of other intercessors praying for that. Praying fervently  my foot!!! Imi musaita mafunnies amurikuita naMwari aya!!

Now, let me make one thing clear before I respond to your very malicious charges. I am not doing so because I owe you an explanation but so I can help you grow and impart just a little wisdom which may help you grow there and outside the ministry. That lack of wisdom and running your mouth might be the reason you are politically stagnant. That same wisdom i can proudly tell you i was imparted there and like I said earlier i advise you to use your time there wisely and learn something that will change your life. It changed mine and i moved on and its a pity that the fact  you and a lot of other like minded people there do not accept that I have moved on does not give you the right to judge me. I wonder if u will be listening when he is teaching and preaching. He teaches about “seasons” so if my season is over i should just stay lest you all accuse me of stealing money or hire thugs on me?  My other reason is that i want you to know that the Bible in Exodus 20:16 says ” you must not falsely testify against your neighbour ” and also that I am finding comfort in the fact that it would have been very easy to seek vengeance against you but I would be in clear violation of God’s word that  says: “vengeance is His and His alone and that He would repay the perpetrator should they not repent.” Rom 12:19.

Now let me answer to your charges one by one and maybe you can help others in your camp who are gullible enough to believe this and a lot of other lies. This will help to relieve all of you  of the unnecessary pressure you are putting yourselves under.

– I did not steal a dime from Prophet or the ministry so whoever is feeding you those lies is a pathetic liar. That was not my reason for leaving either. I gave the person that I felt I owed an explanation (Prophet) my reason for leaving. My dear, some of us when we pray our simple request to God is: “Please God order my steps” and you don’t ask God of that unless you are willing to move your feet. Ask Prophet today and he will tell you why I left. If he does not, he has his own reasons. Life is about moving on, accepting changes and looking forward to what makes you stronger, happier and more complete. Your biggest problem is that you all thought that PHD completed me. It might be the best thing that happened to you and me but the good thing for me is that I do not have blinkers and I did not allow myself to be brainwashed. Though I waited for and wanted the change, expecting it to be comfortable and free of conflict would have been tantamount to stupidity on my part. I accept that change is a rule but will not be my ruler. You will never know how much courage and strong will it took me to make a move. You also don’t know how many people wish they could have the courage to do the same but do not because they worry about people like you. For it takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new.

-don’t allow yourself to wallow in jealousy unnecessarily because Prophet did not buy me a house and whatever else that is grand that you say was done for me. You bragged to them that Prophet pays your daughter’s fees overseas (even if he does who does that) so its you who should not jump ship until she graduates. The other reason you should not leave is it does not make sense to go back and change money at Roadport and your political career does not seem to be doing so well. Hang on sister!!!

It is so sad that i worked my butt off so dilligently for 4 yrs, whole heartedly, neglecting my family, at times 18 hrs a day or more and for an allowance that would not cover my rent up until a few months before I left and this is the thanks I get from people I expect to be appreciative. I know you all looked at me upfront there and thought I was raking in 5k every month. Well, you were wrong. For some of us it doesn’t take stealing and lots money to look good. It takes class and style. Yes, deny it but you know its true. The only consolation I get is that I worked soooo hard not for man but for GOD therefore, ” no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper” because “he who is in me is greater than he who is in the world”.  I also take pride in the fact that for me it was never about money, has never been and will never be. I can also say that i take pride in the fact that even Prophet knows that so and i can say that with my head high and shoulders up. Its about principles and values. Those same principles and values, i will be very proud to pass on to my children. Those same children who are hurt by your malicious lies can still say today, “you may all say this and that or whatever you want and we hurt but we know our Mum is not like that”.

If the whole lot of you was so concerned about the ministry and man of God, the godly thing to do would have been for you to confront me for an explanation instead of peddling lies but instead you were all engrossed in parties to celebrate my departure you overlooked doing the right thing.  You didn’t even see it coming. This may come as a surprise to you even Prophet himself but i did tell about 3 leaders that I was leaving and why. If I stole why not report to the police? You all must think he is a fool and does not see through your pretence. God is also watching and “He hates ugly”.

-setting up false  sexual abuse charges and successfully getting him arrested ?pleeeaase!  If that be true, then i underestimate myself. If i have that kind of power why did i waste my life?

-you hired them kuti vandirove and iwe wacho hanzi you said you want to deal with me? I don’t even want to dwell on that one and waste my time and yours. You know my house. What kind of people are you? You lack wisdom coz the same people you want to hire for such an ungodly act must think your church is some kind of mafia organization or whatever. Think your actions through before you open your mouth and don’t get me wrong kurohwa hedu hatitye  but you will be putting the name of the same person you profess to love into disrepute. I actually feel sorry that he is surrounded by the likes of you. The only regretable thing my departure may have done is expose him to zero common sense. May I also remind you, hoping you will be able to read between the lines, that I refuse to be brainwashed, have never been, and will never be. I am who I am and will not change or be changed by anyone other than God. I am proud to be passing that to my children. It is a pity that I am, because of my principles and values, becoming a victim for doing the right thing in a wrong environment. I will not expand further on that.

-this last one needs your utmost concentration. Don’t waste your prayers blocking my coming back coz I AM NOT. God won’t even answer you coz He does not have that in His plans for me. I also don’t plan on coming back and do not have the slightest desire to do so. So tell your prayer partners that in place of my not returning as a prayer point, you must all pray for your salvation and your children. Mungazozvinyepera kuti Mwari vadaira don’t waste His time. I am very happy being at home. Have more than enough time to reflect on the past few years and for self introspection. God will lead me to a place of worship when the time is right.

I may not be able to undo the damage that has been caused by your malicious slander but I do however comfort myself with the knowledge that worse things have been said about better people. All I can do is entrust myself to Him who judges justily. 1 Peter 2:23. You may not want the best for me but to set myself apart from the whole lot of you who are deriving joy from the pain that you are all inflicting on my family by telling lies that you cannot substantiate, I will pray for you and not behave like you do. I forgive you and your ever one else not because you deserve it, but because I deserve peace. Lastly, NEVER TRY TO DESTROY SOMEONE ELSE LIFE WITH LIES WHEN YOURS COULD BE DESTROYED BY THE TRUTH !!!!!

Please read the above last statement again.

I remain in Christ.

Mai Nyangoni.

P.S. Don’t bother  giving Prophet an edited verbal version of this message when its better to let him read it. I can forward to him if you wish. Thank you and kind regards.

[11/02 12:31 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you sisi ndaverenga.quite a lot went on.Are you still talking with the prophet?

[11/02 12:39 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Hve we agreed this chat is still between us only?

[11/02 12:41 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: I have bumped into once at airport  and met wth him a coupla times and I did nit think we had any problem.

[11/02 12:43 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much sisi.Number yavo ndingaiwana sei clarify all the issues raised

[11/02 12:44 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: I dont hv his number.

[11/02 12:47 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi thank you so much once again.greatly appreciated .Will write without his voice ?

[11/02 12:49 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: What are you writing?

[11/02 12:50 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Does tht answer u in any way.

[11/02 12:50 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Or at least partly?

[11/02 12:54 pm] Sisi Vee: Yes sisi it has completely answered a lot of issues raised esp surrounding the issues of missing money accusations as the reason you left Magaya etc

[11/02 12:55 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: May I know what you gonna write about.?

[11/02 12:57 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: U ddnt get tht letter from me. At the time in my anger a few pipo got it so its anonymous.

[11/02 12:58 pm] Sisi Vee: Ok sisi.I am going to write about that first issue and then second one yethat girl and the accusations dzekuti you stole money from Magaya thats why you left

[11/02 2:05 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: OK Vee?. I hv reread her thing if I were you I wud ask her to further substantiate her claims esp abt chirema and sm1 being paid. Mmmmm. There is no truth in that and it only stinks of a personal issue and personal vendetta. I am no journo but I dont think she has said anything. I hv nothing against him and wud be party to something I really can see through. I am stii failing to see what it is she said I can confirm.  Help me out.

[11/02 2:06 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: *wud not be party

[14/02 2:26 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Hi Vee. Mmmm ndaakutotya kutaura newe.???????

[14/02 2:26 pm] +263 73 281 0526 Cathrine Nyangoni: Tapedza u will be telling me I am writing a story. Kikkkkk

[14/02 2:31 pm] Sisi Vee: Kekekekeke will be back sisi