“Desmond Chideme aka Stunner hospitalised after car crash yesterday having perfomed at the Volt ” sent to musvozim.

“Dai angofa pamwe Olinda angazorora emotional torture ” said Sisi Vee.

Meanwhile many interesting discussions are ongoing


[18/02 7:23 am] Chy: Ini sis vee olinda akandisvota from day one she dug a grave and she has buried herself in it

[18/02 7:23 am] Chy: Anotopenga uya l don’t waste time feeling pitty fr ger

[18/02 7:23 am] Chy: Her

[18/02 10:28 am] Chy: It is fr olinda

[18/02 10:35 am] Sisi Vee: Heyyy sisi ehe thank you .basa kuimba sewage music as if it will help anything .He remains an evil cheater .He’s actually emotionally abusing her and also using her audio without her consent .She should actually sue him for that…

Olinda is psychologically deranged sisi.I feel pity for iye semunhu ane dzakadambuka nevana.Anotoda murume anonzwisisa kupenga not makudo saStunner

[18/02 10:35 am] Chy: Ha ha ha she doesnt deserve uya

[18/02 10:38 am] Chy: A lot of women have been abused hurt differently all over what is important is how you pick urself up and heal then mpve on going on fb doesn’t help a thing it only made things wrse. Yes stunner cheated and he is stupid but at the end of the day is is a weak link of a woman. Some women have gone thru unspeakable things and they knew wen it was their que to leave those kind of relationships. Im sorry but l dont pity her not even a drop of remorse fr her

[18/02 10:39 am] Chy: What kind of a mother choses a circus of a man for her kids raised with

[18/02 10:39 am] Chy: She is stupid, foolish a disappointment of a mother

[18/02 10:42 am] Chy: Any mothers instict even yemhuka is to protect your child

[18/02 10:43 am] Chy: That is the most important thing shuwa gadzi rakaita saiye kukundwa kufunga nemhuka dzinochengeta vana vadzo, even imbwa chaiyo fights for its puppy ahhh

[18/02 10:46 am] Sisi Vee: Kekekekekeke sisi it seems shes just too emotionally weak to handle a man.

Always remember sisi that people are different and solve problems differently.With her it seems publicising it it’s good therapy for her and a coping strategy otherwise if she keeps it to herself she can start hitting pots and pans or even hurt herself.I am hoping she is not self harming by now.She just needs the the right help and words to help her.

I hope her children are emotionally safe from her predicament and that she is not taking her frustrations on them.In her I am seeing a weak soul who was abused and just failing to handle the situation well enough for the sake of her well being.She has her strengths though.Remember she has not yet commited suicide after all that pain.Dai vari vamwe vakazviuraya

[18/02 10:51 am] Chy: Kikikiki sis vee mowanza hanzi she hasn’t commited suicide

[18/02 10:53 am] Sisi Vee: Kekekekeke achiri right sisi and Im sure she knows she wont die for an idiot and leave her children.I think she’s a good mother sisi who was just head over heels with an idiot and she can’t let go .If she talks to the right people she should be alright but it seems she is being blamed for being a fool etc instead of being helped to recover and move on despite being a ‘fool’.

[18/02 10:55 am] Chy: Good mother definitely not

[18/02 10:55 am] Chy: Sis vee

[18/02 10:55 am] Chy: That l will never agree

[18/02 10:55 am] Chy: A gud mother 4diff husbands

[18/02 10:55 am] Chy: Ha ha ha

[18/02 10:55 am] Chy: Nah

[18/02 10:56 am] Chy: You dont introduce everyman to.ur child

[18/02 10:56 am] Chy: Confusion inoita vana hmmm zvotonzwisa tsitsi

[18/02 10:56 am] Chy: This affects her kids fr life

[18/02 10:57 am] Chy: Faact tat she went on fb

[18/02 10:57 am] Chy: Everyway they go its a mark.they can’t erase

[18/02 10:57 am] Chy: Just like vana va pokello will always be called kids of a porn star

[18/02 11:05 am] Sisi Vee: Is there evidence that she is not taking good care of her children apart from being an emotional wreck probably only when she sees more cheating from Stunner sisi? I get your point about the labelling .She definitely needs advice on that for the sake of her chn but I dont think that alone would make her a bad mother.

About having four husbands always remember sisi that having 4 or so husbands or wives doesnt always necessarily mean that someone is bad.At times it depends on the kind of people someone meets or on how much tolerance some people have in relationships.Some kungogarira Mrs or Mr or kutya kuti vakabuda some people will blame them for having 4 husbands or wives.Relatioships are not about counting they are about meeting the right person.Some people meet the right person at 7 .Some never meet the right person and they keep on trying.Having one man or woman doesnt akways necessarily mean someone is a good person.

[18/02 11:08 am] Chy: I get ur point but her choice of men is shocking though

[18/02 11:09 am] Chy: She can take care of them financially an all but an emotional scar can not be easily erased anyway just saying

[18/02 11:18 am] Sisi Vee: I dont think theres any normal person who chooses to get into a bad relationship sisi.Zvimwe munhu you will realise who the bad person is after getting in.Many children are growing up with different emotional scars sisi .They just need to be told to remain strong and see the  abuse their mama went through and comfort her and not see anything else bad .Life is a roller coaster of pain and joy for all living things including children .Mothers are human beings too who go through a lot.

[18/02 11:21 am] Chy: I know we mothers go through a lot l went thru unspeakable myself but l chose my son and me thats why l been saying so. Somethings we see the signs kani and chose to.ignre whats important is to.know when to leave chete thats why they say once bitten twice as shy

[18/02 11:21 am] Chy: For stunners behaviour she can never justify.herself saying l didnt know

[18/02 11:22 am] Chy: Cz his life has always been public all the women he hurt spoke out

[18/02 11:22 am] Chy: Saka ini personally.l dont feel sry fr olinda over stunner

[18/02 11:22 am] Chy: If it was anotjer man maybe

[18/02 11:27 am] Sisi Vee: People are different sisi for different reasons and react differently to situations for different reasons.She probably thought he wont do the same to her and this is despite he has musvo too…Never compare yourself to other women in terms of relationships sisi. Remember she parted with large sums too and you probably didnt .Your circumstances could have been different and you are a different person too.I think she should learn from the wrong choice she made and move on.It is normal to make wrong choices in life .

[18/02 11:29 am] Chy: I agree she should move on and stop her drama hanti its over btwn them so whatever chats btwn him and his galfrend won’t help her heal. Like that police man said u need to.let go an look aftr urself stop asking qstns u have no answers to. She is just too dramatic

[18/02 11:35 am] Sisi Vee: Shes going through a rough emotional phase which is maifesting as drama to many of us who havent walked her journey .The police were actually wrong too to say that to her giving the impression that moving on can be done so easily after having experienced so much pain.Healing is a long process and not a one day event that someone can just mention in passing standing in her house.

[18/02 11:37 am] Chy: Its a process and she needs to take the initiative.

[18/02 11:43 am] Sisi Vee: ..yes with the help of good helpers since she doesn’t seem to have the ‘power’ to take the initiative .

[18/02 11:56 am] Chy: It was great having this discussion with u sis vee enjoy ur day

[18/02 12:05 pm] Sisi Vee: Yea certainly sisi .enjoy too ??


18/02 1:49 pm] Cover B009: Srry to disturb u, but l strongly believe that Chy lady u chatted with is a bitter woman…she has her emotional scars she thinks will heal by talking such rubbish against olinda…whom l believe thot had found her prince charming…gud day

[18/02 1:50 pm] Cover B009: Only to realise it was a bull frog…dzetse

[18/02 1:50 pm] Cover B009: Tell olinda u get to kiss a lot of frogs before u find yo prince charming

[18/02 1:57 pm] Sisi Vee: Totally agree with you.Love life is very complex and all of us are bound to even make worse mistakes. People need to understand that having many failed ‘love’ relationships doesn’t always necessarily mean someone is a bad person .There are many angels out there who are always meeting frogs along the way.

[18/02 1:58 pm] Sisi Vee: Good day to you too love

[18/02 2:02 pm] Cover B009: Very true… the sister needs emotional support but from someone who understands her and advise her that healing takes time and its a process..mari anowana imwe and vanomuda vakawanda nezvaari izvozvo…

[18/02 2:03 pm] Sisi Vee: As simple as that

[18/02 2:05 pm] Cover B009: Enjoy the rest of  your day and stay blessed

[18/02 2:11 pm] Sisi Vee: You too ?