Being accused in Sweden  of even lying about a charity that she sourced money for and used the money to fund her luxuries, Tatenda who calls herself Tatelicious is not new to coning  having appeared in the news before  for the same reason.

In some messages shared with musvozimbabwe Patrik claims that he was conned by Tatenda and was also used to get him aka her citizenship .The two are said to be in sort of a gay relationship .Tatenda changed to a woman after having been a man for many years.Patrik has since claimed ‘she’ Tatenda is still a man with ‘her’  male organs intact.

Writing to sisi Vee a source said ,

” Tatenda stole from Patrik. The guy is mad. All the lies ekuti Tatenda was operated. He still has the manhood. He is stealing from donors in Sweden

achiti ane orphanage in Zim ine nherera 48 and he receives donations every month”

Meanwhile musvonhau contacted Patrik

” Hello Patrik .Hoping you are doing great.This is  musvonhau specialising in publishing news.Got some messages where you are discussing Tatenda Karigambe’s abuse of donor funds and other lies .Just wanted to know if you have more information .Your response will be greatly appreciated”

“Yes i will tell the truth.  But I’m very tired. I would like to talk more if you are serious.  Waiting for answer.” Responded Patrik.

It has since emerged that after sisi Vee contacted Patrik he later shot the video attached claiming that he loves Tatelicious.It looks like he was coerced by Tatenda into making such a declaration to dupe would be news readers into believing that all is fine in their relationship .Tatenda has also shared on his facebook wall a post claiming to have been written by Patrik yet it is very clear that it is most likely herself who wrote the post to trick people in a bid to clear his tainted thieving name. Patrik’s English is ‘broken’ as in the screenshots ,most likely because English is a second language to him.

Lying that his account was hacked yet he was hiding in shame after Patrik exposed her conartistry


Written by Tatelicious

The Video