As the fracas between Stunner and Olinda Chapel Chideme is ongoing sisi Vee has established that Orlinda is a divorcee who was married to Richard Matambanadzo.

She is said to have caused the breakdown of the marriage after she cheated on Richard who would spend a lot of time at work.

“She was caught red handed with another man ” said a source.

It is suspected the marriage could have been for convenience and that Richie could have just been eyeing ‘papers’.

Matambanadzo is said to be a night club DJ so chances that the two met in the club are very high.

“They had a wonderful wedding where they hired a helicopter” said another source.

Sisi Vee has also established that she lives in a Council house in Bicester in an area called  Kingsmere in Oxford and she has been changing council  houses until she got a newly built one where she lives. It is not clear if she has relocated to Zimbabwe for good.

However , Oxfordshire council who provided the house don’t seem to be aware that Olinda is claiming to be loaded with money such that she might not have declared all her earnings to the council otherwise she might not be eligible to get a council house .

It is said Olinda was once admitted at a psychiatry hospital in Oxford and is allegedly HIV positive.This revelation should not come as a shock to people who were doubting her sanity after watching her videos.

Another source who spoke to sisi Vee said  rumours have it that she inherited her father’s money, a white man , the proceeds  of which she could be using to fund her suspicious lifestyle and Stunner.

”  The said health agency which she runs from Oxford Town Offices. I know for sure that the agency is not doing well because nobody likes working for her because haabhadhare vashandi. My daughter once struggled to get paid and she quit the agency. So yes it’s not a successful business at all and that I can tell you.  It’s just a publicity stunt that she runs a successful business. I heard rumours that her English white father was very rich and he left her a lot of money.” Added the source.

Olinda who was also in love with a married UK care agency owner Byron Fundira is said to have been holding a post at the agency.Byron who was married to Gaynor Fundira almost had his wife take her own life because of his sexcapades .

Meanwhile sisi Vee contacted Stunner and is still awaiting a response.

The helicopter wedding