” If she is to successfully sue someone if these are all lies of which I doubt up to now ,  the person to sue is her friend who lied about her.As simple as that .One doesn’t even need a law degree to understand this basic reasoning.I have the evidence …she can just ask me politely for the evidence and she can sue her ?

Wherever she models from.Kekekekekekeke seka hako wasu . Reminds me of how haters Lance Guma of Nehanda Radio and Simbarashe Chikanza of Zimeye tried in vain to use this story to settle their personal agendas with sisi Vee and Lance even went to the extent of distorting Tafadzwa’s video which I’m sure Tafadzwa was coerced into shooting by Lance .Unbelievable as it is I have not even watched the video beyond my image that Lance inserted in the video as soon as the video started.

However the two goons failed dismally to bring sisi Vee down after trying so hard to convince the world that sisi Vee lied about Tafadzwa yet she just shared unedited what was said about her.Lance Guma even desperately called sisi Vee satan’s angel .Kekekekekeke desperate psycho for sure.The two jerks even advised Tafadzwa to sue musvozimbabwe …for what? Only their shrunken brains know .Looks like Tafadzwa and her so called lawyers later realised that they had been misled by the two morons otherwise sisi Vee had done nothing wrong other than being the messenger of the word , the voice of the voiceless as usual.They later settled for H Metro and the Herald and have since lost the so called case whatever their issue was.

H Metro and the Herald only knew you are HIV negative after the so called results.They can’t apologise for something they did not say .They just published what was said by what sisi Vee shared. You friend is the one who should retract her words and apologise to you..” Sisi Vee


By H-Metro

MODEL Tafadzwa Mushunje yesterday lost a case in which she was claiming US$100 000 from Zimpapers in defamation damages.

Mushunje, who initially made a US$2m lawsuit before reducing the quantum to US$100 000, had her claim dismissed with costs by High Court judge justice Jester Helena Charehwa.

Through her lawyer Fungai Chimwamurombe, Mushunje claimed Zimpapers defamed her through the articles published by H-Metro and its sister paper, The Herald.

H-Metro and The Herald wrote articles after she was taken to court on allegations of injecting HIV infected blood into her ex-lover’s two-year-old son.

She was also accused of assaulting the boy on separate occasions and forcing the child to drink her urine.

The State withdrew the matter before trial after it was discovered that the model was HIV negative.

In her claim, Mushunje said:

“On the 26th of February 2016 and the 1st of March, the defendant’s Herald newspaper and the H-Metro newspaper of the 26th of February 2016 published articles regarding the Plaintiff which were false, malicious and injurious to her reputation as a professional model.

“The contents of the defendants’ aforesaid newspapers articles were wrongful and defamatory of the plaintiff in that:

“They contained falsehoods claiming that the plaintiff is HIV positive and she inflicted a certain minor child fathered by Collin Kanonge with the HIV virus through a syringe.

“And that she further assaulted the said minor child by forcing him to drink her urine.

“As a result of the defamation, plaintiff has been damaged in her self-esteem, personal dignity and professional integrity and reputation and reputation as a model and has suffered damages in the sum of US$100 000,” she said.

In her papers, Mushunje claimed that H-Metro and The Herald new that the articles were false before publication and went on to publish them.

She also said the two newspapers failed to make an apology after she demanded a retraction.

“Despite demand, and having knowledge that the above allegations were false, the defendant has failed to tender an apology or to retract its false publication and to pay the above mentioned damages,” she said.

Mushunje’s claim was however dismissed with costs after trial.

Zimpapers was being represented by lawyer Oscar Gasva and Martha Chirimuuta of Chirimuuta and Associates.