The tete Lisa team is at it again lying about musician Oliver Mtukudzi’s death.The team and site deliberately lie about deaths of Zimbabwe celebrities.Writing yesterday after posting their so called news on facebook too , Tete Lisa said,

“Confirmed: Oliver Mtukudzi was found dead at his resident last night

Oliver Mtukudzi was rushed to hospital thursday evening been stabbed by a gang and passed on three hours after being hospitalised.Though her demise came as a surprise and many Zimbabwean are yet to believe the shocking news,his brother confirmed the sad news.Oliver Mtukudzi had a wonderful celebration at the Artscape, in the Mother City’s CBD was rushed to the hospital after complaining bitterly about heart pains this dawn.

Source : Nhau dzerudo”


The tete lisa team fake death

Sulumani Chimbetu is then said to have visited Oliver Mtukudzi who in the video confirms he is  alive and kicking.

” Sisi Vee this is today as Sulu pays a visit to see Mtukudzi”

“What a professional response Mtukudzi.Well done .Not zvetunana Ammara zviya tunoteerera Sisi Vee’s haters and rush to say cyber bullying without even knowing who sisi Vee is  and how hard she works to help truth go out there. Well done Samanyanga .Thats a very wise response .Teach others how to respond too and not  kushandiswa kurwa nyaya dzavasinganzwisisi. Kupata chaiko. Well done Sulu  ? ” Sisi Vee

Meanwhile , a team Tete Lisa man said to be part of the trolls that lied about Oliver Mtukudzi’s death was very angry about the name and shame and embarked on a filthy verbal attack on sisi Vee today.

After being named and shamed for the second time yesterday for deliberately faking deaths of Zimbabwe musicians the man was really fuming on whatsapp, texting his frustration.

After investigations some numbers associated with the fake death have been compiled and are in Sisi Vee’s possession too. Unaware that his number was in the files ,the man started by sending sisi Vee a provocative message yesterday before embarking on a desperate verbal attack.

The man using the +44 number who is having none of it for being exposed and said to be a top team member of the dubious team that fakes deaths also phoned sisi Vee today on whatsapp fuming.

Below writing to sisi Vee today the frustrated man whose number is also linked to internet scams, still under investigation had this to say .

[15/12 11:50 pm] +44 7732 416602 Troll: Hi

[15/12 11:52 pm] Sisi Vee: Heloo

[16/12 12:50 am] +44 7732 416602 Troll: Who is this pls

[16/12 12:55 am] Sisi Vee: Who did you say hi to and where did you see my number.

[16/12 1:59 am] +44 7732 416602 Troll: Excuse me was that wrong for me to ask

[16/12 2:01 am] +44 7732 416602 Troll: Ndaona number dzako in my phone that is yyy I was asking you I’m really sorry if I offended you.

[16/12 12:50 pm] +44 7732 416602 Troll: Musatanyoko

[16/12 12:51 pm] +44 7732 416602 Troll: Beche raamai vako

[16/12 12:51 pm] +44 7732 416602 Troll: Whom do you think you are idiot

[16/12 12:52 pm] +44 7732 416602 Troll: Mwana wehure I guess you not even educated

[16/12 12:53 pm] +44 7732 416602 Troll: Mwana wembwa nxxa