The dancehall singer who claims to have diabetes  was last week  seen performing in a wheel chair due to a said foot ulcer. It is not clear if he was really not able to stand on his own before he went to see the prophet who is well known for miraculously associating with popular figures .

” That publicity stunt once again as Soul Jah love composes song for Magaya .Kekekekekeke munhu mutemasoka.So they think all of us are fools who can buy their silly trick. You really have to be a top notch fool to believe such lies.No wonder why nyika iri sewage .Your stupidity is really too dangerous for progess.Basa kuzadza machurch muchinyepera kunamata .Kuparidza shoko reMari not raMwari .Shame stereki .RIP Zimbabwe .”Said Sisi Vee.