Police descend on Makulambila secondary school to take statements as Sisi Vee speaks to Maboleni police officer in charge and Princess Mabhikwa , a said school girl

It is only yesterday when the married headmaster of Makulambila school Nathaniel Khoza who is being accused of sexually abusing school girls together with his deputy Tennyson Moyo roughed up sisi Vee saying was waiting for police.He has now seen the police.

Today was a breath of fresh air not only because the officer in charge, Ngeta had sent positive obliging messages to sisi Vee but also because news came to sisi Vee through a source that police were at the sexual abuse school taking statements .
[08/11 2:23 pm] School Abuse Story: Police are on the ground today, at the school taking statements

[08/11 2:24 pm] School Abuse Story: The person who can again confirm to us Princess’ age is with police now

[08/11 2:38 pm] Sisi Vee: Perfect so zvaita

[08/11 2:50 pm] School Abuse Story: Ya

[08/11 3:22 pm] Sisi Vee: Perfect .Writing a follow up story now.

[08/11 3:22 pm] School Abuse Story: K

[08/11 3:23 pm] Sisi Vee: You need to learn to thank hanzvadzi and not just say K

[08/11 3:23 pm] School Abuse Story: Thank you sisi Vee

[08/11 3:25 pm] School Abuse Story: Ndichakafarisa , but chokwadi ndinotenda

[08/11 3:25 pm] School Abuse Story: Mwari vakugonerei

[08/11 3:31 pm] Sisi Vee: You are most welcome hanzvadzi .I understand but in life never overlook thanking those who help no matter how overwhelmed you are with joy .It takes a lot of unpaid time , energy ,passion and kindness to help and write these issues with a helping intention to seek justice.I am so happy too and thank you so much for standing up.Now I can take a breather.

[08/11 3:35 pm] School Abuse Story: K

[08/11 3:35 pm] School Abuse Story: Thanks sisi

[08/11 3:36 pm] School Abuse Story: This is the one who has been supplying info

[08/11 3:37 pm] School Abuse Story: Thank you very much

[08/11 3:38 pm] School Abuse Story: All I can say kukumbira kut Mwari vakugonerei

[08/11 3:38 pm] Sisi Vee: You are most welcome.I salute you for standing up to such abuse.God bless you too.

[08/11 3:39 pm] School Abuse Story: I am a parent sisi

[08/11 3:39 pm] School Abuse Story: Tho am young but am a parent

[08/11 3:40 pm] Sisi Vee: I hear you and surely it pains to see such abuse of chn by those in authority.It can be anyone’s child being abused

[08/11 3:43 pm] School Abuse Story: Amen
Meanwhile before the good news arrived to sisi Vee , she spoke to Maboleni officer in charge Ngeta ,carrying forward from yesterday’s communication.

[07/11 4:18 pm] Sisi Vee: There are some people who said they are willing to come and see you concerning the issues raised so that your office can investigate .May you please let me know when they can come and see you.

[08/11 9:45 am] +263 77 281 2202 Ngeta Maboleni OIC: Let them come Thursday around 1100am

[08/11 10:26 am] Sisi Vee: Morning inspector Ngeta.Thank you very much.Will advise them and update you .

[08/11 10:29 am] +263 77 281 2202 Ngeta Maboleni OIC: Yah let them come

[08/11 10:35 am] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much for your co operation.

[08/11 10:55 am] +263 77 281 2202 Ngeta Maboleni OIC: You are welcome
Sisi Vee then discussed with one of the informers who said he would go back to see the officer in charge again now that the issue was now in the public domain and that sisi Vee was also following the issue with open eyes and ears.

As this was ongoing sisi Vee spoke to Princess Mabhikwa who is said to be one of the students to have been taken advantage of by the school headmaster.She claimed to be 23 years old despite receiving information that she is in form 3 .This did not come as a surprise to sisi Vee who knows in and out how ‘victims’ of abuse can protect the perpetrators for various reasons which include fear .

There are more questions than answers in the conversation.Princess had this to say.
[08/11 10:34 am] Sisi Vee: Good morning Brenda how are you.It’s sisi Vee .I am a human rights defender. Ndanga ndichikumbirawo kutaura na Princess.

[08/11 10:42 am] Brenda Princess Sister : Ok sisy mirayi ndimudane

[08/11 10:42 am] Sisi Vee: Ok thank you so much

[08/11 10:44 am] Brenda Princess Sister : Helloe thr.

[08/11 10:45 am] Sisi Vee: Hello is this Princess now?

[08/11 10:47 am] Brenda Princess Sister : Yes dear

[08/11 10:48 am] Sisi Vee: Ok.I received a story I would like to ask you.Let me send to you now .

[08/11 10:52 am] Sisi Vee: Princess how old are you before I share the story ?

[08/11 10:59 am] Sisi Vee: Are you there Princess?

[08/11 11:06 am] Brenda Princess Sister : Like wise may l ask who u are?

[08/11 11:09 am] Sisi Vee: I am sisi Vee a human rights defender .I need to share a story I heard about you so I wanted to know your age to determine if I should share it with you first or with a guardian if there’s a guardian

[08/11 11:09 am] Sisi Vee: Do you want me to just share it with you?

[08/11 11:19 am] Sisi Vee: Are you there Princess?

[08/11 11:20 am] Brenda Princess Sister : V From

[08/11 11:20 am] Brenda Princess Sister : Share. lm waiting.

[08/11 11:21 am] Brenda Princess Sister : Go ahead

[08/11 11:23 am] Brenda Princess Sister : Heyloe

[08/11 11:23 am] Sisi Vee: Ok

[08/11 11:23 am] Brenda Princess Sister : 23

[08/11 11:25 am] Sisi Vee: Do you go to school?

[08/11 11:28 am] Sisi Vee: I gathered that you are doing form 3 .So are you doing form 3 at 23 years or I was misinformed?

[08/11 11:37 am] Sisi Vee: Have you finished reading Princess?

[08/11 12:38 pm] Sisi Vee: Are you there Princess?

[08/11 1:12 pm] Brenda Princess Sister : Are yu telling a fairy tale or wat?or u hv dreamt about this noncese thing.Anywere were on earth are u dwelling.Were dd u even get my cster’s number.U think u are clever by wntng to bribe me with using code of outside the country,and ptting yoslf on high grounds saying u are the Human Right Defender.But anywere the information u want l dnt knw of nd the issues of these others l dnt knw. For a correction,l dont hv the gut to b in a relationship with the person whom l might call my father nd lm not in form three.The info that u got waz totaly l mean u were doomed.Bye fo now.

[08/11 1:28 pm] Sisi Vee: Thank you very much for your response Princess. Greatly appreciated.So you are saying bye without clarifying to me the correct information ? Really ? You could have sent me proof of your age .

I am not who you are thinking I am.I had come to help you in case you needed help .However ,at least you
know the headmaster Nathaniel Khoza which is a good starting point for investigations .

I have also talked to inspector Ngeta and some people are going to meet him in case you will be contacted by the police.

If you feel you might need my help in future please feel free to let me know.xx
However , with news that the Girl Child Foundation has stepped in to assist this is very good news not only for sisi Vee but also for all fellow Zimbabweans who are against sexual abuse of vulnerable school children .Schools should be safe places for learning and not unsafe places for pervets to sexually abuse children

More to follow

sisi Vee reporting for musvozimbabwe.