What started as a busy day at work for a married father of two and former director at Zimre Holdings Ltd , Rongai ‘Frank’ Chizema suddenly turned into a joyous day for a young beautiful yellow bone Vimbai who ended up seeing the musvo of the renowned financial guru .One can only wonder what was going on in the man’s head as he clearly looks well beyond 50 years .Well it seems age is also just a number for musvorologists despite the mileage covered by their penises which struggle to sustain even a five seconds erection .

In 2013 Rongai Chizema who is now a pussy economist was The Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust (SAPST) programme advisor on economic affairs .

Hopefully the wife will recognise the red mini brief to pursue a successful challenge that will shame her  husband for doing the most stupid thing that is not expected of a man of his calibre .Points of her argument could be how Vimbai knew his phone number. Obviously she is not a sorcerer. She can also recall their conversations to figure out if they discussed his journey to SA early December…..and not forgetting today’s meeting too.

As they chatted,


[11/23, 14:14] Vimbai: Hie

[11/23, 14:59] Rongai Chizema: Hi..who could this be..

[11/23, 15:01] Vimbai: Vimbai

[11/23, 18:00]  Rongai Chizema: Fine..though I cannot recollect. .Do you know me..

[11/23, 18:01] Vimbai: Yes I do

[11/23, 23:09] Rongai Chizema: What’s my name.

[11/24, 06:29] Vimbai: Frank

[11/24, 07:19]  Rongai Chizema: Yeah. sent me pic

[11/24, 07:24] Vimbai: Okay

[11/24, 07:44] Vimbai: I stay in glenview Ku Zimbabwe used to talk paapp last year nichiri zim

[11/24, 09:36] Rongai Chizema: Great..bbbs. .sent me more pics. .hey..I like..

[11/24, 09:48] Vimbai: Okay

[11/24, 09:54]  Rongai Chizema: Yes..bbbs I now recollect. .can I call you on your Zimbabwe line. .If you could share..

[11/24, 10:02] Vimbai: I’m not in Zimbabwe I’m coming back 6 December

[11/24, 10:05]  Rongai Chizema: Yeah cool then. .I will be in Cape Town. on business that time. ..and back in Zimbabwe. .later that week..bbbs. .and will catch up..

[11/24, 10:05]  Rongai Chizema: What are doing in UK. .

[11/24, 10:06] Vimbai: Just visited I will be back fr good

[11/24, 10:11] Vimbai: When will u be back from cape town

[11/24, 10:24]  Rongai Chizema: 9th of Dec. .bbbs. .

[11/24, 10:25] Vimbai: I will be there

[11/24, 10:25] Vimbai: So how dd it go with yo wife

[11/24, 10:50]  Rongai Chizema: Sent..me more pics. .

[11/24, 10:51] Vimbai: You still look fit

[11/24, 10:51] Vimbai: Okay I’m sending

[11/24, 10:58] Rongai Chizema: Yeah..nice. .stuff. .bbs

[11/24, 10:59] Vimbai: You know you had promised me a nice treat then you got busy til I left the country

[11/24, 11:11] Rongai Chizema: Wow..Yeah..hassling. .is Zimbabwe life. .but can still make up..me . Sorry. .sent me a full pic..mabbabe. .

[11/24, 11:12] Vimbai: I sent more pix mor thn u dd

[11/24, 11:29] Vimbai: Saka u promise unouya glenview pandouya ka

[11/24, 11:45]  Rongai Chizema: Yeah..here we go. .bbbs will make time to see u..take u out too…If u like..

[11/24, 11:46] Vimbai: Hmm that sounds awesome ….

[11/24, 11:47] Vimbai: I would love that .,I see diff cars where dd your Prado go

[11/24, 12:09] Rongai Chizema: Kkk. .still and and strong bbs. .now u can see no me ya full pix….bbs..

[11/24, 12:11] Vimbai: Okay I’m sending

[11/24, 13:02]  Rongai Chizema: Bbs. .u gone quiet. .

[11/24, 13:14] Vimbai: Am using an online account r u on instagram that’s wer I put most of my pix ..this fon only has my selfies

[11/24, 13:44]  Rongai Chizema: Yeah…K cool. .selfies are still great..bbs

[11/24, 13:56]  Rongai Chizema: Yeah..that’s ma. .bbsbs. .I luv it

[11/24, 13:58]  Rongai Chizema: Yea..sweet

[11/24, 13:59] Vimbai: Are they enough ?

[11/24, 14:00]  Rongai Chizema: ??? sent me ..will.be sending u some.now..

[11/24, 14:00] Vimbai: Okay let me send 2 more m only left with nudes in my fon

[11/24, 14:01] Vimbai: No more decent pix lol?

[11/24, 14:27]  Rongai Chizema: K..ooh. .ma. .word. .luv. .It who said..me.not fall for nudes. .sweetie. .go for it

[11/24, 14:43] Vimbai: Hmmm kkkkkk lol

[11/24, 14:43] Vimbai: If I send u will u send too

[11/24, 15:01]  Rongai Chizema: Yes..ma..luv

[11/24, 15:44]  Rongai Chizema: Wow..ma..bbs

[11/24, 15:54] Vimbai: Should I send more

[11/24, 15:54] Vimbai: U make me see the dick too ????

[11/24, 16:26] Rongai Chizema: Yes..u can bobs. .I luv..It. .good curvy body. .

[11/24, 16:28]  Rongai Chizema: Mama. .mia. .sweet oily honeycomb. .mqaa

[11/24, 16:48] Rongai Chizema: Wow. .ma. .luv..getting honry. .can’t wait to lickk.it..mwass ..

[11/24, 16:50] Vimbai: Mmm!m u said u will show me too

[11/24, 17:06] Vimbai: Send me th cock tt I’m goin to suck too??????

[11/24, 17:26]  Rongai Chizema: Ooh..yes..bbs. .soon

[11/24, 17:26] Vimbai: Mmmm how soon

[11/24, 17:27] Vimbai: Ukarega I won’t show u a vid playing with tht pussy

[11/24, 17:28]  Rongai Chizema: 10mins. .

[11/24, 17:29] Vimbai: ?????????

[11/24, 17:29] Vimbai: Hmmm?? Upromised m a fuck then u went quiet nechibasa chako it wasn’t fair

[11/24, 17:36]  Rongai Chizema: Kkkk. .This time am all yours. .

[11/24, 17:38]  Rongai Chizema: Here goes. .bbss

[11/24, 17:40] Vimbai: Wow wow wow??????

[11/24, 17:43] Vimbai: If I send it a video unogona kumuka chete

[11/24, 17:53] Rongai Chizema: Yes..bbs

[11/24, 17:53] Vimbai: I’m sendin it now

[11/24, 17:54] Rongai Chizema: Cool..more. .bbs

[11/24, 17:54] Vimbai: Lol I just send the video

[11/24, 17:55] Vimbai: Show me kana yamira or tke a small vid uchiitambisa I’m so horny too now

[11/24, 17:55] Vimbai: I will take another vid now

[11/24, 18:55] Rongai Chizema: Yeah..makeke. ..

[11/24, 18:55] Vimbai: So is the dick vibrating ?????

[11/24, 19:14] Vimbai: Hubby waendepi futi

[11/24, 19:28]  Rongai Chizema: Just finishing off a meeting..will sent u

[11/24, 19:29] Vimbai: Hehehe hw dd the meeting go with a distracted dick

[11/24, 19:29] Vimbai: ?????

[11/24, 20:51] Vimbai: R u still busy

[11/24, 21:08]  Rongai Chizema: Now free. .

[11/24, 21:18] Vimbai: Can I see ??

[11/24, 21:24] Rongai Chizema: Yeah..All fa ya oily pushy. .hey..

[11/24, 21:24] Vimbai: ?????????m sweating already

[11/24, 21:24] Rongai Chizema: Now let me check out more pussy. .hey..

[11/24, 21:25]  Rongai Chizema: Enjoy. .hey..

[11/24, 21:25] Vimbai: It looks hard  okay Lt m take

[11/24, 21:25] Vimbai: U ddn make a small vid u rubbin it

[11/24, 21:26] Vimbai: Let m send another vid

[11/24, 21:26]  Rongai Chizema: Cool. .hey..

[11/24, 21:54] Vimbai: M changing my app number I’m apping you now

[11/24, 21:54] Vimbai: With my other number


At this point the yellow bone woman handed over the conversation to sisi Vee who was shocked by what had transpired .

A quick search on the internet yielded quite a lot about Rongai Chizema who in 2005 was the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe division chief of the Parastatal Reorientation Programme (PARP).

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More to follow