“Hi there Sisi Vee ,I want to give you a top story on missing child who was found murdered in 2012 after Harare agric show,can u guarantee my anonymity” Came the message to sisi Vee on 18/10/2016 at 4:49 pm.

Here goes the story . ” In August 2011 a 3 year old child called Given Flint Matapure went missing at Harare agricultural show,and he was found a year later buried in a shallow grave kuminda iri kuseri kweshow grounds.DNA tests were done and it proved conclusively that it was Given Flint Matapure,but no one has ever been brought to justice for the murder of him. I have all the details and know who is responsible and I even sent all the details to police hotline number +263 71 280 0197 and they tried to investigate but they were being blocked by Bulawayo Police chief inspector called Enock Masimba. Anyway now that I have given u the background of the story,let me tell u who is involved” Wrote the source .

“Given was abducted by a wanted person called Josiah Zechias.He is on wanted list of Hre and Byo police, and when he abducted him he was with his girlfriend called Primrose Chiseva who is currently wanted by both harare and byo police for illegal abortion too.Primrose Chiseva  aborted the pregnancy of a married 58 year old sugar daddy  called Collen Chibarwa at 5 months in Highfield then gave the left leg and right ear of the dead foetus  to Josiah Zechias who is main suspect in the case of abduction and murder of  Given Flint Matapure whose arms were mutilated  for ritual purposes.The police found out and Primrose ran away from Harare and went to South Africa but she came back recently and police are looking for her.Primrose is 26 years old, Josiah Zechias is 58 and Collen Chibarwa is 43.Ask anyone to go and see wanted list at hre central and they will tell u name of Primrose Chiseva and Josiah Zechias .The case number is IR101/09/15 ” Added the source .

18/10/2016, 10:38 pm – Sisi Vee: So are they related to the child?

18/10/2016, 10:40 pm – Missing Child Story: No they aren’t related to the child,all they do is target children.Josiah Zechias and Primrose Chiseva are both on police wanted list on hre and byo,especially Harare homicide division.

Bulawayo Police Chief Inspector Enock masimba covering up the murder

“Primrose was almost caught by Byo police in March this year but she was warned to leave Byo by Enock Masimba who is police chief inspector at Byo central police.Enock Masimba is having and affair with Primrose’s maiguru called Caroline Sibanda.You can confirm this by calling Inspector Wutawunashe who is doing the case on +263 77 294 5430 and u can ask him yourself of the case he is doing on Primrose Chiseva and Josiah Zechias ” Added the source .

Sisi Vee investigating established that Enock Masimba should be the same person called Enock Masimba Masvinu.When contacted for his comment by sisi Vee on whatsapp the inspector who was online and can be reached on +263 77 291 6500 immediately blocked sisi Vee without responding .

Meanwhile sisi Vee has also written to Caroline Sibanda and by the time of writing this story she had not yet responded to a whatsapp message which was safely delivered to her on +263 77 122 2219.

26 years old Primrose Chiseva is said to have  been living in Harare, Highfield at number 23 Messengers Way ,Old Camp.

“Here is number yaPrimrose Chiseva +263 77 752 4050 she is hiding from hre and byo police in Chiredzi.She has a record of dating married men.In Harare she was going to a church called Zambuko Apostolic Church and she met a married man called Collen Chibarwa who is a married father of 3 kids .Primrose started sleeping with Collen Chibarwa in December 2012.” Emphasised the source .

Speaking to sisi Vee , Primrose who ignored some questions asked, said she doesn’t know why she is being fingered in this case .Sisi Vee will help to pursue the issue to ensure justice is delivered for Given who would have been eight years this year.


27/10/2016, 11:06 am – Sisi Vee: Hello Primrose.It’s sisi Vee how are you.Am worried about your safety are you ok?

27/10/2016, 7:18 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Hie ,sry ndi sisi Vee vapi

27/10/2016, 7:21 pm – Sisi Vee: Am a human rights defender in UK.I got your number from someone who heard about your story and is worried about you.

27/10/2016, 7:22 pm – Sisi Vee: The person sent me a lot of information he received about you .Let me send it to you

27/10/2016, 7:45 pm – Sisi Vee: Have you blocked me Primrose?

27/10/2016, 7:52 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Plz send e info

27/10/2016, 7:53 pm – Sisi Vee: Ok 2 minutes

27/10/2016, 7:54 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Who tld u abt m

27/10/2016, 7:54 pm – Sisi Vee: It’s Charles Machinda on facebook

27/10/2016, 7:55 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: I dnt kno him

27/10/2016, 7:57 pm – Sisi Vee: He heard from some people talking .Below is the information.Can you please read it and let me know your views.

27/10/2016, 7:58 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Ok

27/10/2016, 8:01 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Dis is crazy

27/10/2016, 8:01 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: If dis is a joke l dnt lik it

27/10/2016, 8:02 pm – Sisi Vee: Is it lies?

27/10/2016, 8:02 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Yes

27/10/2016, 8:03 pm – Sisi Vee: Ok .let me send you an image he sent said to be yourself.Do you know Collen Chibarwa?

27/10/2016, 8:03 pm – Sisi Vee: IMG-20161018-WA0031.jpg (file attached)

27/10/2016, 8:04 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Can l hv Charles Machinda ‘s details cz need to report dis to e police

27/10/2016, 8:04 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Im tired of ppl mkn up stories abt m

27/10/2016, 8:12 pm – Sisi Vee: Check him on facebook .Are you on fb ? Do you know Collen.Is that you in image?I can work with you to report to the police.I know lawyers who can actually help you to file a case.

27/10/2016, 8:14 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Who are u

27/10/2016, 8:15 pm – Sisi Vee: I am a human rights defender sisi here to help you if the allegations are false.Do you know Collen ?

27/10/2016, 8:19 pm – Sisi Vee: Do you know Collen sisi?

27/10/2016, 8:19 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Hamuna zita here

27/10/2016, 8:19 pm – Sisi Vee: Raani?

27/10/2016, 8:19 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Renyu

27/10/2016, 8:19 pm – Sisi Vee: Rinei nemaallegations sisi?

27/10/2016, 8:20 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: If u are a human rights defender en why hide ur name

27/10/2016, 8:22 pm – Sisi Vee: I am Violet Makunike sisi Vee.The issue why I contacted you is to discuss your issue not my issues sisi.

27/10/2016, 8:31 pm – Sisi Vee: Are you more comfortable now sisi now that I have told you my name?

27/10/2016, 8:32 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Iv hd lots of ppl contact m abt dis issue n nw l nolonger kno who to trust dats why l hv to research abt u bfo l tok to u

27/10/2016, 8:32 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: Every1 has eir own version

27/10/2016, 8:33 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: So dats why l sed l need dat guy’s no.lm nt on fb so cnt get it

27/10/2016, 8:34 pm – Sisi Vee: Ok .I hear you sisi.What do you need the guy’s number for .I don’t know it. He heard the info I sent you and he inboxed me

27/10/2016, 8:35 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: H cn en gv e police e info dat h has

27/10/2016, 8:40 pm – Sisi Vee: He only has the info he gave me so that I check with you

27/10/2016, 8:40 pm – Sisi Vee: Do you know why people are involving your name?

27/10/2016, 8:44 pm – Sisi Vee: Do you know why sisi?

27/10/2016, 8:51 pm – Sisi Vee: Have you blocked me sisi?

27/10/2016, 9:28 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: I hvnt blocked u

27/10/2016, 9:28 pm – Sisi Vee: Ok sisi .Thank you.

27/10/2016, 9:33 pm – Sisi Vee: Do you know why people are involving you?

27/10/2016, 10:10 pm – +263 77 752 4050 Primrose Chiseva: I dnt kno why

27/10/2016, 10:14 pm – Sisi Vee: Ok.Were you living at 23 Messengers way Old camp Highfield?

27/10/2016, 10:28 pm – Sisi Vee: Were you sisi?




He was online
After blocking Sisi Vee



Meanwhile in 2011 zbc online published this article

Given Matapure: Where are our seers?

Amidst all the efforts that have been made in search of the missing boy, Given Flint Matapure, members of the public have expressed outrage over the many so-called prophets who despite claiming to know everything, have not come forward to assist the Matapure family.This week marks exactly a month since young Given Flint Matapure disappeared.

Given Matapure went missing during the Harare Agricultural Show. Days have turned into weeks and Given’s family keeps hoping that they are going to see their little boy coming back home.Amid the tears and the sleepless nights, one is bound to ask, where are those prophets who normally claim that God will show them anything?

Zimbabweans say, if there are genuine prophets in the country, then at least one of the hundreds of thousands who claim to have access to God’s power should come forward and simply tell the nation where the boy is.While Zimbabweans might appear to be too harsh on these so- called men of God, one cannot help but share their thoughts.

With reports that some prophets are in habit of even telling people their ID numbers, cellphone numbers while doing other amazing things, no one has come forward to offer a message of hope to the Matapure family.Maybe, the tears of the Matapure family may have been not enough to convince the hard-core criminals who took the innocent boy to release him.But the tears and prayers of the whole nation should surely move God’s heart.Meanwhile, the Junior Parliament of Zimbabwe has made a passionate appeal to authorities to give top priority towards the search of 3 year old Given.

A sorrowful atmosphere engulfed the Matapure home in Waterfalls this Tuesday morning when Child Parliamentarians and members of the Zimbabwe Youth Council visited the family.The child parliamentarians were carrying placards demanding a safer Zimbabwe for children and called for more action in the search for the missing toddler.

Child President, Anesu Rangwani said responsible authorities should put maximum effort and avail as much human resource as possible in the search for Given Flint Matapure.Mrs. Wengesai Matapure who struggled to speak through sobs said she felt comforted knowing that her son’s disappearance has become a national cause while appealing to anyone with information to assist the family.

Given went missing on the 22nd of August after visiting the exhibition park with his 15-year old sister and the family maid.Police say investigations are still going on while observers have called upon children’s organisations and even prophets to assist the family as they feel not enough has been done to mount a national search.